I am a flipper/wholesaler  and I have access to deals all over the U.S. I'm looking for an equity lender to fund  100% of purchase and repairs on single family homes in New York State to start, in exchange for 50/50 share in profit

I will be purchasing at 65-70% of ARV, minus repair cost. Estimated loan period-5-6 months.

I do not pay "upfront fees" of any kind. Please do not contact me if you require any before providing funding. I eventually plan to rehab one house per month. So there will be ongoing opportunities to make money for an honest lender.

Respond to buchanproperties@hotmail.ca 

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Hello Brad, if you still interested in funding this is what i can make happen for you.

Find my information below to reach me so we can discuss more on how best to move forward with the processing.



Mr Guillermo Munoz


Looking forward to hear from you.

Hello Brad,

We provide short-term fast closing funding for various  projects from $100,000-$3,000,000. We can provide commitments in 48 hours and close in 10 days. www.ecapitalfund.net  

Applications are available for the following scenarios:

Fix & Flips, Fix & Holds, Rehab Loans,Construction Finance, Hard Money, Short Pays, Debt Restructuring, Bridge Loans, Note Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Foreclosure Bailouts, Equity, New Construction

New Jersey | New York | Pennsylvania | Connecticut | Maryland | Delaware


Hi Brad:

If you are seasoned investor which sounds like you are, we can help.

90% LTV is what we can offer and close in 10-15 days. Good rates & Terms.

Inbox me or give me a call and we can move your deal forward.

James Crigler  770-572-4481  /  james@advancecommercialfinance.net

Thanks again and let's talk soon...


James Karcz | Private Lender
Private Funding Services LLC
2700 N. Central Ave., #900
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(480) 524-1763


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