I'm seeking loan funding of 5 million dollars for my projects with a quick ROI. We are not looking to pay up front fees. Lenders or private investors who are offering loans without these fees, please contact me.

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Can you send me details of your project to samcthomas45@gmail.com

Hi David,

Please send details. Lender needs to know more before making promises.

Local for your projects

Specifics about your projects

Your experience in said projects

Your assets . Do you have cash for downpayment and other costs associated with a closing? 


Hi David,

Let me know more about you projects. I may be able to help.


Specifics on projects

Your experience on projects

Your assets available for closing costs and downpayment.



David: there are possibilities depending....

Send exec summary to me at danonaples@yahoo.com

Hello David, have you got funding for your projects yet? If not, please let me have more details. I will then be able to tell you whether we can help you out. I have teamed up with a direct lender for commercial and to some extent residential projects. My e-mail is klitaba@gmail.com.

Thanks and best regards.

Kevina Litaba

We currently offer good programs such as Fix and Flip, Buy and Hold, Cash Out Refinance, Bridge Financing and others. We offer good rates and terms, with an interest only payment option. Do you have a deal under contract? Do you have a deal that needs a different structure? Why not contact us today with your financing needs, and we will definitely work hard to structure a loan for you.

Please read more about us on our website.

Website: www.solidfinancellc.com Email: info@solidfinancellc.com

I can help you with the loan you seek without upfront fees.

Good day

I am a private lender and i give out secured and unsecured loans. I give out loans at 6% interest rate and i do 100% financing

Email: alanpropertyloanservices@gmail.com

Mobile: 805-242-3709


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