Every business owner will tell you there is no better debt financial instrument than a Line of Credit. It's on standby when you need it and you only pay interest when it's being utilized. It also has a "No Pre-payment" penalty component that term loans and Merchant Cash Advance/daily payment loans don't offer.

​Banks offer Lines of Credit that are secured by assets such as cash, real estate, marketable securities and accounts receivable. I have one private lender who offers an LOC secured by investment/commercial real estate collateral.

​For those business owners who don't have collateral, .Here are the advantages this unsecured Line of Credit offers

1. Get approved within an hour (this is real...have done this for clients multiple times}
​2. Next day access to draw down on their LOC
​3. Lender offers two options:  monthly or weekly payments
​4. This is a "true" LOC...only pay interest on the funds you drawn down to use for
your business
5. LOC up to $250,000
6. Soft credit inquiry...no reduction in credit scores due to a hard inquiry. 

Time in business: 1 year
Application requirements: a simple 1 page app & your last 3 months
of business bank statements...no Tax Returns or company Financials. 
Credit score: 600 minimum
1.Deposit activity minimum: $20,000 per month in your business banking account.
Available in all states except: NV ND SD
2. Businesses not eligible: gambling, auto dealers, political campaigns, legal/illegal substances, adult entertainment, firearms, NFP's

Linda J Wintersteen

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Hi Linda,

I have a client that maybe interested in this program.  Please email me ebizsolutions@gmail.com



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