We help real estate investors grow their rental portfolios sooner rather than later, and offer a one stop shop program to acquire and rehab property with a line of credit structure that can be refinanced to term debt with NO value seasoning up to 75% of fair market value. This strategy will allow you to recycle the same money over and over again so that you can grow your business sooner rather than later.  

We can lend 5X whatever you have on deposit in your own bank.  401K, IRAs, Stocks, etc can all be used in determining line of credit amount.

This program can be used for both fix n flip or buy/hold strategy.

If you are tired of searching for take out lenders to refinance your rehab loans then give me a call and set yourself up with a one stop shop program where both loans are completed within the same lending institution.

Please inquire - bob@realestatelender.info

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Hello, to whom it may concern, my name is Reggie Smith Jr. (Property Wholesaler). I am the owner of Alpha Property Investments Ltd. here in Manning, SC. I have a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath residential SFH under contract that I am looking to rehab. I would like to know if you guys offered HML's on small deals such as this one?

Thanks Reggie.

Purchase price: $15,000.00

Estimated repair money: $5,000.00

ARV: $65,000.00

LTV: %?

Nice neighborhood/location.

Email: info@Cash4asishomes.com

Greetings Reggie,

Kindly answer the following questions as it pertains to your rental properties to give me a better understanding of your current financial situation and rental portfolio.  I may be able to help you grow your portfolio sooner rather than later.


1. How many properties do you currently own? How many total units?

2. What is their combined value?

3. What are their individual values?

4. What is the combined loan balance? 

5. How long have you owned the properties?

6. How many properties have you flipped successfully?  Are you the GC?

7. Credit score? 

8. Cash on hand for real estate investing? 

9. Real estate goals over the next 12 months?

10. How many properties do you have under rehab currently? Purchase price? Rehab costs? "As is" value? After repair value?

11. Why are looking for alternative lending sources?

 Please respond to my direct email  -bob@realestatelender.info


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