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This is Monty, owner of The Real Estate Finance Website.  I would like to find out what type of loans you focus on in your day to day business. Obviously, most of us that are experienced in lending can offer almost any type of loan if we have a strong, reliable source of money behind us but what I want to know and have our thousands of members see is what type of loans you do most frequently? Do you specialize in Hard Money, SBA, Construction, Rehab, Long Term SFR Funding, Small Balance Commercial, Multifamily? Please comment below with a quick answer. I will provide my answer in the comments below as well. I think it is very important for us to know and recognize other members across the country and know who we can go to for specific types of funding.

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Direct all states. Conventional, Jumbo,  Bank Statement loans,  can send you to someone I recommend to do ANY type of loan. 

We can do all of the above and then some.

Lynne Spencer



Braxton and Company is a commercial mortgage brokerage firm with no upfront fees. Originating both residential investment property and commercial real estate loans. 

Residential Investment Property Loans

  • Rental Property Loan
  • Rental Portfolio Loan
  • Equity Line of Credit
  • New Construction Loan
  • Fix and Flip Loan
  • Hard Money Loan

Visit www.1-4investor.com for additional information. 

Commercial Real Estate Loans

  • Bridge Loan
  • Permanent Loan
  • New Construction Loan
  • Multifamily Rehab Loan
  • Subordinate Debt

Visit www.braxtonandcompany.com for additional information. 

Contact me to discuss a scenario or to obtain a soft quote outlining your specific loan terms, cost and reserve requirements. 

Doug Braxton
Commercial Mortgage Broker
Braxton and Company
P:(800) 230-1424
www.braxtonandcompany.com | www.1-4investor.com


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