Large Funding Opportunity for National or Foreign Funding Source!

Large Funding Opportunity for National or Foreign Funding Source! Funding required for large, VERY large project in Las Vegas, NV. Seeking funds for construction of an important local project. The current market value of the subject property exceeds $300M. Borrowers have the land in escrow with the owner willing to subordinate and allow leverage of the property for construction purposes. The project, very large and important for the local economy (Las Vegas) has the support and blessings of the local, state and federal authorities. Interested? Please contact us ASAP! Francisco De La Chesnaye OCF Private Lending

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contact me and we can see if we can help.

jim flynn

Thank you for messae Jim,

Please excuse the delayed reply ... Please tell me more about you and your experience - Went to your profile page but didn't see much in the way of info and how it is you could help us ... Please feel free to contact me directly anytime.


Francisco De La Chesnaye

OCF Private lending

I offer 35 years experience in the funding/financial Industry, 29 years funding off my own balance sheet(Rt'd).  i am direct and 'gate keeper' to my closed P.E. groups and lenders. If the project has CASH in already and at a minimum of 10% of the funding request in verifiable CASH reserve funds please provide ES, and cash in, reserve fund amounts and sources directly to  prefer $10M minimum funding requests, no limit maximum.

Thank you for your reply and interest Chuck ... The project's got more than 10% already invested; as to cash, though there's some, we're trying to increase our funds to invest thenm directly in construction and development. the principals have literally pooled their valuable assests; art works, jewellery, a large Rubies package, etc. etc. to keep the project going ... We're looking for funding above the $300M level (to start with) Eventually the whole complex will be worth on the order of $3 billion as it's normal with large resorsts here in Vegas ...Please advise if your interest persists ..


Francisco De La Chesnaye

OCF Private Lending

tried to email you please email me direct



SEnd me an email



email me  my commercial manager has access to get stuff like this done and he is here in Vegas


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