Land project in Florida seeking a cash out refinance for Patner Buy-out

I have a principal with a  land project in Florida seeking a cash out refinance

Land is owned free and clear. Principal is seeking around 2 million USD against and appraised value of 4.5 million

 1.  How much is owed on the land presently?.......There is No debt on the Land.

2.  What will be the purpose of the loan?.....To buy out partner 

3.  Will there be any Cash out?.......Cash out will be used  to solely to buy out partner 

Principal partner will be bought out of the deal.  That is the sole use of the loan proceeds.  Principal will be the 100% owner of the land. Exit strategy in place.

 Land is located in Polk County Florida. Total of 82 acres. If interested, please respond by email to: or you can contact me directly at 770-595-5560 . I am located in Atlanta GA. Ask for Thomas

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Hi Thomas,

I just emailed you. 



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Hello Thomas,

This is loan contract will can fund so let us know if you are still interested in funding?

You can contact us @

Looking forward to work with you.


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