Is it possible to get a 90% LTV CASH OUT REFINANCE on an investment home?

Any DIRECT LENDERS out there offering this product? The investment property is located in Boise, Idaho.

Thank you!

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Sorry, this doesn't exist, anywhere.  Max I've seen is 75%.

I think i know a guy that can do this

Sending you a PM to your inbox.


Perhaps, if you have more than one property for Refinance, you can apply for a portfolio loan.....

I have several private firms who might consider it........?


Reggie McLeod

I Will be able to help you.

Good morning I hope all is well.  I just notice your request back in December 2016 please let me know if your request has been taken care of?



We are drawing your attention to LEGACY FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS LLC.
A private lender and a commercial investor based in Atlanta , Georgia ..
I am looking to connect with clients and serious minded investors who are in need of loan and funding for their deals, we offer all kind of loans
such AS secured and unsecured, fix n flip,Value or ARV of the Property, business loans, real estate loan, rehab etc at an affordable interest rate of 4.5%per annul with no prepayment penalty.
We also lend to some other countries,
Please get back to us so that we can proceed, with sending you our terms and conditions form.


(678) 783 4417

Email :

I can help 100% funding

100%? I have a 4.7 MM Purchase fix flip residential in miami beach on the ocean

Steven, your post is back to 11/2017, are you still in the funding field? I would like to know more about your loan requirement, please respond thanks

65%-possibly up to 80% is available.

Just need the specifics. No Upfront fees for us to assess your deal.

We both Commercial & Investment properties. We have a new 1ML Line of Credit loan for seasoned investors.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns,


James Crigler

Advance commercial finance


You can contact me at georgesmith19680@gmail let's get started...


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