!!! Need loan with No Docs, Credit Check or asset verifications??? Purchase or refinance loans in the amount of $20k to $2M. Properties must be single family residences(1 to 4 units) mobile homes, condos, vacant land or commercial properties and must be non owner occupied. Will need to have property appraised. May have terms up to 60 months. No prepay penalties or balloon payment and can possibly close as little as one week!!! Contact Annette at 804 654 9843 or email giannette@aol.com

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Hello Annette do you do 100% Funding i have a couple of homes he in CT that the prices went down and i would like to purchase and Rehab. can you let me no. I would like to pick them up before some one else does the after Rehabb value would be 169000 but the pric e for the home went down to 49900 and to Rehab 45000 let ne no if you can help me

Thank you for contacting me. No I do not have a lender that does 100%. Please see info below and hopefully I can assist. Annette 804 654 9843

Lender #1

Loan amount $50k to $2M

LTV up to 80% of purchase price or as is value

Rate 12%

Points 4% to 6%

Terms 12months

Closing 10 business days

Loan Type Single Family, Multi Family, Bridge Loan, Real Estate Acquisition, Short Sales, Construction Loans, REO’s and Bank Foreclosed Residential Properties and much more!!

Lender #2

Loan amount $20k to $200k (No credit check, asset or income verification) 

LTV up to 65% on purchase price or as is value

Rate 15%

Points up to 6%

Terms up to 60 month

Closing in 1 week

Loan Types; Single Family, Multi Family, Condos, Vacant Lots or Commercial Properties and much more!!

Thank you, can you give me more info and what i have to do and show to get one of the loans from your friend.
Thank You again waiting for reply.

Thank you for contacting me. Please give me call to discuss further at 804 654 9843. Annette

Hi Annette

Do you do loans for properties in the State of Pennsylvania?

I have a property under agreement i may need funding.

Please reply


Artur Santos

Thank you for contacting me. Yes we can funding in PA. Please give me a call at 804 654 9843 to discuss further. Annette


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