Want to refinance my primary. Have 30 mortgages reporting to us personally. Never a blemish. DTI constraints and the number of financed properties. Have been looking for a non-qm asset utilization program. Market value of home min 900k, looking for loan of about 450k.

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Hello. Where is this property located? If it's in California then yes we should definitely be able to help. 



Thanks for reply. Yes it is in California. I just sent a message through your site.

Hi There : 

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David Lee

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FYI - for your future investment purchases (and/or Refi's), we provide 30 year term debt on Rental properties and our loans are NEVER reported to the credit bureaus, because they are private loans.  Thus, your DTI will not be impacted.  Some of my investors have 100, 200, 300+ investment properties held in their LLC's,  These loans will never affect their DTI analysis.

Plus, we "do not" look at tax returns or proof of income.

Info@SimsCapita.biz  www.SimsCapital.biz


It is in Orange County California.

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