We  offer 90%-97% financing for $10 million to $7 billion development projects world wide (hospitals, hotels, skyscrapers ext). This is NOT EB5.

Requirements Include:

-Business plan

-Proof of funds for down payment

-Job creation and improvement of local economy,

-Proof of control of asset to be developed.

 This is done through the creation and monetization of Bank Guarantees. BG can only be used for projects that create jobs and or improve infrastructure. Hence the development projects scope.  They take 90-120 days to monetize.

Feel free to contact for more info or questions.

Jonathan Casillas

Foxworth Commercial Capital Sales Director


O: 800.278.1239 ext. 700

C: (919) 901-0872

Conference Line 1-302-202-1108 (156465) 

Private Funding for Projects: $10 million to $5 billion

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Hi Jonathan,

Why do you need a down payment? How much do you request?

Best Regards,



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