In light of the fact that even the thought of money
creates a magnet for scammers, unscrupulous and
innovative avenues of fraud and deception, I would
like to suggest that any venue borrowing or Lending
would require all parties to register their names,
companies, full contact information with phone number
and website. 

Those that can’t do this not be permitted to use the service.

From what I can see the integrity on these sites is well below

We live in a period of time when power, pride and greed in
high places has brought our country to its knees, (and unfortunately
frozen the banks) will we tolerate continuance of these behaviors?

- Dan Moody, Global Peace Partners

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Sounds good but people can get around that.Like you said when it involves money people all of sudden become creative. 

Yes, I agree, good saying Daniel.  Anyone who is legit so have zero scruples about providing all info and license #s, etc. Websites, phone #s and Escrow or Title companies really help make things less "scammable" so to speak.  It's a shame but it's the truth. 

Best, Forest

The Guy in the White Hat


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