I would like to ask the nice people on this Blog which Insurance i should get when Rehabbing a home and what coverage i should get. Should i get it months to months or would it be cheaper to get for three months or six. I'm a Newbie and I'm trying to get the best possible advice from you all.

Thank You   

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you no what, yes I'm looking for a loan for a Purchase and Rehab home in CT for Fix and Flip. The Loan is for $100,500 for 8 to 12 months with no penalties if payed early and no hidden Fee's PLEASE. I tried this before with someone on this site and payed money and never got the loan. So not to be a mean person or out of line I talk to my bank and to receive money into my Bank Account it would only cost me $45 and that's for them. they also told me if your Founding the Money there should be no problems and no fee's for you making a Deposit in my name.   So if you can help i would love to work with you right away.

Thank You.

Carlos Rivera Jr


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