~~~ Incredible Investment Opportunity ... Low Risk High Return ~~~

We are a private fund with offices in NY and FL, we specialize in performing & non-performing mortgage notes. We work directly with numerous banks, we purchase, manage and sell notes and real-estate across the country. Our management team has a combined experience of 100+ years in the mortgage and real-estate business, we have an excellent track record and because of our unique and proprietary formula we are able to work almost any type of investor.


Investment: Mortgage Note(s)

Mortgage Note(s) secured by real-estate (typically the value of the real-estate is 50% greater than the cost of the note)


Security: Real-Estate

“Mortgage note” means the right to collect a payment or in the case a payment can’t be collected, the right to collect the asset (real-estate). Controlling the note is same as controlling the real estate, without any of the liabilities a typical land lord would have. Foreclosure costs are small, they are usually fixed and foreclosure is just 1 of many exit strategies.


Investment Criteria: 25K and up

Minimum investment is just $25,000   no Maximum (we have reg. D for qualified and institutional investors)


Special Promotion: Preferred Position for New Investors

We have a special program for new investors. Our "preferred plan" allows new investors to partner up with us 50/50 on a deal, but the investors money is essentially insured as they must  be made whole first before we see any $.

If you have any questions and/or want to learn more about this lucrative investment opportunity please contact me:



ps. we also buy and sell mortgage notes

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DO YOU NEED FUNDING?  Am a private lender willing to work with you, Contact me to visit the company website for more info on direct funding, asset protection, credit repair, business solutions and much more  because our loans are well insured for maximum security is our priority.
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