If there is a way to get your deal funded, I'll find it!

I have been in lending for more than 30 years, have authored 7 finance related manuals, appeared on dozens of talk shows, written a national column in a mortgage newspaper, and closed millions in loans.

My company, JRid Capital Resources, is fully staffed to handle a broad range of loans.  I have a contract attorney and an international accountant on my staff.  We thoroughly pre-underwrite every loan prior to accepting that borrower as a client.  We are in the business of getting things done, not wasting time on deals which are not capable of being approved as presented.  However, our analysis will provide you and your client the necessary feedback to enable you to take the necessary steps in order to gain approval.

Our only goal is to help YOU get deals done.  I have the know-how, the correspondent relationships (and they give references), and the staff you can rely on to make you $.  When needed, I can call senior underwriters at home for answers...over our years of association, we have become friends.  Isn’t that what you are looking for…a source who is the “right” source?  For years I looked for someone like me…and now…I’m the guy I was looking for.  I’ll gladly be the source YOU are looking for as well.

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Good Morning,

I would like to speak with you further regarding your services. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,

Ed Franklin
SEO Consulting, LLC
'Business and Financial Consultants'
(509) 994-3230, 8-4, M-F, PT

Ed, I called and left you a VM two days ago.  Joel - 719-466-9299

Joel Riddle!
Looking fore a JV solution,,answere to ma_bergstrom@telia.com
magnus bergstrom

Magnus, obviously, I will need much more information before offering up a possible solution.  Either send me data at cmsjoelriddle@gmail.com or call me at 719-466-9299 (Mountain).


I have a client that has a commercial building that"s free and clear that's worth 700k  they are looking to pull cash out of building can you do a deal like this.

If the building is cash-flowing and in reasonably good condition, he can probably expect to get around 65%.  Sure, we can do it.


We currently have a Clent with an urgent need for fix and flip hard money for a SFR deal,uncder contract, located in Maryland

Here is the condensed version of the request

Funding Amount Needed: $180 K, 6-12 month term, Rates negotiable
Use of Funds: Purchase and rehab a SFR located at 6001 Bedford Lane, Clinton, MD
After Repair Value: $275 K ( 65% LTV) New Appraisal in hand.

Buyer can bring $20 K cash to the closing table.
Buyer has a $500 K net worth ,very liquid, and is very experienced in rehabbing and flipping properties.

Deal needs to close in the next 10-12 days.

We have all required docs you need.

Please contact Jason Hooks at : localprivatemoney@gmail.com 


Wish I could help but our focus is commercial - $500K+

Hi Jason;

I have a lender who will work with you.

Please call me at 1-888-978-3629 or email corinnareye@verizon.net


I have a project in Massachusetts hottest market Cambridge.

Looking for funding for the project.


During the recent real estate boom, there was a significant presence of subprime lending available to homebuyers in the 8-10% interest range. Today, with tightened criteria for underwriting, the buyer who doesn't qualify for traditional financing doesn't seem to have another option. There is plenty of high interest "hard money" available, but nothing that is a good fit for a buyer who has good income, and cannot qualify due to credit blemishes.  Most of the buyers I run into are willing to put 10-15% down, and are good candidates for subprime lending.  Are you aware of the existence of this "subprime" lending for owner occupants?

Jack Martin

Hi Joel!

We have multiple Real Estate deals with solid equity already under contract we are looking to fund.  We are looking to fund a minimum of 6 Single Family Residences and a Multi Family Project with immediate placement of capital.up to $1.3Million USD.  Projects range from 15 to 65% of ARV.  We are looking to establish long term relations with a solid funding source and are ready to search for synergy to grow our relationship.
Additionally, I have an Assisted Living Facility project in need of $5M USD on a property with current appraisal of $8M USD.
Let me know ASAP if funding our projects is of interest to you.  I can send current Finance Request packages for your review as a sample of our projects on your request.


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