If there is a way to get your deal funded, I'll find it!

I have been in lending for more than 30 years, have authored 7 finance related manuals, appeared on dozens of talk shows, written a national column in a mortgage newspaper, and closed millions in loans.

My company, JRid Capital Resources, is fully staffed to handle a broad range of loans.  I have a contract attorney and an international accountant on my staff.  We thoroughly pre-underwrite every loan prior to accepting that borrower as a client.  We are in the business of getting things done, not wasting time on deals which are not capable of being approved as presented.  However, our analysis will provide you and your client the necessary feedback to enable you to take the necessary steps in order to gain approval.

Our only goal is to help YOU get deals done.  I have the know-how, the correspondent relationships (and they give references), and the staff you can rely on to make you $.  When needed, I can call senior underwriters at home for answers...over our years of association, we have become friends.  Isn’t that what you are looking for…a source who is the “right” source?  For years I looked for someone like me…and now…I’m the guy I was looking for.  I’ll gladly be the source YOU are looking for as well.

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I am mainly in California, but would like to expand to other states.

Have been writing loans for 40 years now.  I know Southern California like the palm of my hand, and been very active in this area.

Always looking for new brokers to bring me lending deals.  I can fund between $500k to 2.5mil per property in less than a week, if it has to be on a rush.

email me your contact information and a little story about yourself.

Amir Halavi

310-477-0110  ext 110


What is the up front fee?

I don't charge an upfront fee.

We are a group of professionals, purchasing a Hotel frontbeach, in one of the best beautiful beaches in Riviera Maya.  We are looking for part of the capital, 3 M USD. The hotel is open and working very well ( we have the balance for the last years ) We are converting it in a condominium, time sharing and wellness center. We have yet a letter of intend for 30 days, so looking for the capital in this periodo. Please, let us know.

I do not do international at this time.

My deal is in the United States, would you like to partner up with Me or can you find someone to partner up with Me.




Syed, what do you put into the deal besides effort?  Any cash?

Looking for commercial acquisition & rehab money. Need to know requirements. Please email me, dharper@harperfinancialgroup.com.

Well, this seems a popular place to be on here! Might as well throw mine into the pot :-) .

I am an investor with several single family properties, some of which are unencumbered, others not, and I want to expand but do not have finance capability through normal channels. I recently experienced some personal financial challenges due to job loss in my family, and now devote myself full-time to real estate.

I am also a majority stockholder in a small, privately held company which I have been trying to expand more quickly by taking out a loan, and having some difficulty with that as well.

Would love to have a conversation to see if anything I have going would be worthwhile to you.

I would love to visit with you.  Can't promise anything but you seem to have options.  Let's talk about them.  I can be reached at 970-682-8388.  Mountain Time Zone.

$18m illion over two years

data center campus  -   Have state and local funding with incentives.

Our investmetn to date $400k  will invest antoher $1.3 at settlement...need $7mil at settlement from lender.

then another $700k over course of construction

value $1.6 when completed in 5 to 7 yrs

No. Va / washington dc

michael 703 903 8651

Hi Mr. Riddle,

Do you do residential loans in NC?  I am a RE investor and invest in income producing residentials.  You can respond to gmestatesllc@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Wanda Meekins


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