If there is a way to get your deal funded, I'll find it!

I have been in lending for more than 30 years, have authored 7 finance related manuals, appeared on dozens of talk shows, written a national column in a mortgage newspaper, and closed millions in loans.

My company, JRid Capital Resources, is fully staffed to handle a broad range of loans.  I have a contract attorney and an international accountant on my staff.  We thoroughly pre-underwrite every loan prior to accepting that borrower as a client.  We are in the business of getting things done, not wasting time on deals which are not capable of being approved as presented.  However, our analysis will provide you and your client the necessary feedback to enable you to take the necessary steps in order to gain approval.

Our only goal is to help YOU get deals done.  I have the know-how, the correspondent relationships (and they give references), and the staff you can rely on to make you $.  When needed, I can call senior underwriters at home for answers...over our years of association, we have become friends.  Isn’t that what you are looking for…a source who is the “right” source?  For years I looked for someone like me…and now…I’m the guy I was looking for.  I’ll gladly be the source YOU are looking for as well.

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Can you provide prrof-of-funds I need that much amount as a cash lender.

We can funds project of us$1 million to us$50 million or more depending on
     the type of project, send your business and project plan for review and
study i am  ready to fund your project to that amount if you are ready to
work me and  the a reputable insurance broker who will stand as bond between
us to avoid future misunderstanding .Remember this bond is a security for
the funding. We will proceed and issue the term sheet/Contract agreement for
signing immediately you accept to secure and provide this required insurance
surety bond which is the only form of collateral required against the
funding. Without the provision of the insurance surety bond there is no way
we can accept to fund your project because we must have a security for our
funds before we proceed with funding your project.

We grant our funding at a guaranteed 4% ROI per annum for projects 6 years
term and above, 5% ROI for projects below 8-10 years term. We have the
financial muscle to fund projects between $1-500 Million USD, but can not
exceed $50 million in a single tranche

On receipt of the business plan by me and the CFO, we shall review and if
approved by the CFO, we shall then proceed with the loan agreement by
reviewing the term sheet of agreement. The security required to secure the
loan is that you will secure a surety bond from a reputable insurance
company  Belgium as approved by the board members and the insurance company
will review/verify your documents and eligible for bonding, they will
proceed with bond underwriting which takes about 4-6 days and once approved,
we shall reconvene for a face to face meeting   in Greece,  Belgium Europe
, Dubai Uae   for bond execution and final closure and funding proceeds.

The basic need for the insurance surety bond is to guarantee from the
insurance that they will buy over the risk associated with the funding and
the fee will be refunded after two week of the closure of the funding. This
insurance surety bond is the security and bond between the borrower and the
lender and this is the risk bought over by the insurance by insuring both
the lender and the borrower. And the collateral  insurance bond must be
resolved with the company we have used there services in the past. The
office is located in Greece, Belgium Europe , Dubai Uae .

 Kindly reply and accept our terms and request for the term sheet/Contract
agreement to be sent to you for signing after reviewing of your project
plan. you will send full details of yours such as address and other relevant

1, You will receive the facility availment form which has to be

filled and returned for record purposes

2 If the form is approved you have to be given a guarantee contract

for your study and also the guarantee contract number.

3,We have contact for companies that provides collateral  where you

could reach to bargain for  adequate collateral. The copy of the

guarantee contract will be given to the company on demand

4,Please prepare the following and send without further delay on project

a Project Organization

b.Feasibility Study

c. Business Plan

d. Implementation

e. Budget forecast

We have to resolve with getting a company that handles that aspect of

collateral and had partnered harmoniously with us in the resent past.

Kindly fill and send back this form to us immediately so that we can forward
it to the company that will provide you with the collateral respectively.
for signing and initiate a date for a face to face meeting for closure in
Greece,  Belgium Europe , Dubai Uae . . Provide the following below details.

(1) Total Needed Amount

(2) Company Name and Present

(3) Name of Chairman

(4) Skype ID.

(5) Phone number.

(6) scan passport copy

Inline with our funding, contact the lawyer in charge of insurance bond,
collateral aspect to resolve it and get back to use,

His contacts are as follows.

TELEPHONE: +44-7045756701.
E mail:  Barrister-Daniel@barrister-daniel-s-j-bangarth.com
www.canadalawyerlist.com/lawyer/17862.html -
www.london.on.phonepages.ca/RFID5481047-tImages -

my office is open to having a good business relationship with you. If you

think you have a solid background and idea of making good profit in any

please do not hesitate to contact us for possible  business



19 Fieldside. Whitburn.Sunderland. Tyne & Wear,

SR67LA. United kingdom.

Stonewallproperties Ltd

UK - North of England:


Tel +44 7031934911

E mail: loanoffer2012@live.com

E mail: georgbenneth@hotmail.com

Mr. Barnett, I have seen this representation before.  When I checked the "true" reference (the one I was given was a website that had been exactly copied from the original with another phone number substituted).  When I did research, the "real" company said they had never had a loan with the company.  I simply cannot trust a program of this nature and I think what you are offering is the same company - the reference always given is the UK company.  Best to you.

The other thing is that the email name is Barnett but the actual email says "benneth", the last but not least is the photo is diiferent from the one he posted on PostYourPropertiesHere.com, check it out I already made snap shot of all the photos he presented.


The solution is to deal directly with established respected stateside lenders. We've never had a problem with our lender network, because they are legitimate lenders. Feel free to access them at this link

Dear Sir: Flagship Fitness is a start up Family wellness and fitness facility to be located in Minnesota. We are trying to purchase a 10.17 acres site with 91,000 S.F building to be renovated for Flagship Fitness. The tax value of this site is $5.6M and we can buy it for $2.5M. We will also inject $2.5M in TIF into the project. Total project cost is $18M.


Adrian Haid/Founder and CEO

Flagship Fitness, Inc.


Phone: 612-963-3281

The solution is to deal directly with established respected stateside lenders. We've never had a problem with our lender network, because they are legitimate lenders. Feel free to access them at this link

Calvin, thanks for your reply.  What you are offering is what I do already.  My friends (underwriters for funds), I call at home on their cells - over the week-end.  I cherry-pick each loan since I am going to invest my time without upfront fees.  In other words, if I don't pre-underwrite each deal carefully, know if it is a make-sense deal, and know an, as you say, established, respected, stateside friend, who is a lender, I will pass on the deal entirely.  There are only so many hours in the day...I've been doing this so long that I know what I want to work on and what I don't.  So, basically, I'm interviewing the deal rather than being interviewed.

We offer the following;
Hard Money Loans
Business Loan.
Debt Consolidation Loan.
Personal Loan.
Business Expansion Loan.
Investments on projects And Lots more..........

Search no further and apply for a loan
Name:............. Contact Address:........ Phone:................. Country:................ Loan:......... Purpose Of Loan........... Loan Duration:............ Sex:....................... Age.................

We are here to be of service to you.
contact us now at

I have over a 2 year period created a very easy-to-use photo and video service - www.mejuba.com.

The Beta period has just ended and the site is already a success. “Mejuba” has about 25.000 members - without any advertising or pr - and users are flocking to the site – also from competing sites.

The growth potential is substantial because Mejuba is the only photo and video site that is completely free of charge regardless of how many GB being uploaded files.

We even save the originals files so Mejuba also serve as a backup.

Here we stand out from all similar services. Money streams come from the associated services and activities.

Four months ago was Mejuba was voted one of the world's 10 best photo services together with the world's ultimate biggest, Facebook with 850million, Flickr with 70 million users, Photobucket with 78 million and others by the American consumer magazine Buxr.

Several other sites have called Mejuba even better than the mentioned sites.

We are seeking 2 million US Dollars to expand and grow our business.

Our current valuation is  3.1 million dollars.

 Looking forward to hearing from you.

I am seeking 100% financing on a 35 acre equestrian facility in Langley, British Columbia.  The purchase price is $3.5 million and I have a multitude of educational programs to initiate.  Please contact me at dressagedragon@yahoo.ca   ,  Rob

WRITE ME BACK ON herbertwilsonloans@gmail.com

Good day ,
I will like you to understand that i can get you funded with a requested loan ranging from $5,000.00 - $5,000,000.00 on an interest rate of 6.8% as i am a private lender/investor but firstly i will need you to get back to me with the amount you are interested so that i can have my loan application terms prepared and sent over to you. I will need you to have the following info filled out for my records so that we could start this off. I will like to confirm that i will need you to get back to me as soon as possible with the amount you are interested in as well the time you can afford to pay back the loan as that will be what my loan terms(which i will have sent to you as soon as i get the information below sent to me) to ensure problems dont arise when you start paying back the loan. I will be awaiting to hear from you so that we could get this started

2)Prefix (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., etc.):
3)First name:
4)Last name:
5)Business name(If Any):
6)Purpose of loan:
7)Date of birth (yyyy-mm-dd):
9)Marital status:
13)Company name:
14)Work address:
16)Zip/postal code:
20) Amount Needed As The Loan:
21) duration(time you can afford in paying back the loan):
22) Email Address:

Wil Herbert


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