I would like to purchase my first rental property and have questions

Hello my name is Juan Perez. I am interested in learning what I will need to do to buy my first rental property. 

I have read some other posts on here and it looks like I need to put qualifications here so this is my situation. I have not bought a rental before, this will be my first. I migrated to the USA over 20 years ago from Mexico. I have been at my job for 15 years. I am a legal citizen and have been for almost 10 years. My credit karma shows scores of 741 and 703 if that helps. My salary is only $60000 a year but I have saved over $80000 that I can use as down payment. I want to buy a regular 3 bedroom house and rent it out, or buy one that is already rented. The only real estate I have ever owned is my own house which I bought years ago.

With the information I have included, will I be able to buy a rental property? Can anyone here tell me what kind of down payment I might need to buy a rental for around $400000? 

Juan Perez

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Hi Juan.

I sent a message to your inbox. I included my full contact information so you can call me at your convenience.

Alexander Williams


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