Purchase price would be $68,000. I am willing to put 15% down to buy the property. Will need to finance about $20,000 of rehab on this one. Duplex is currently vacant. I already own 7 sfr rentals and 55 multifamily units and have a credit score of 780. Can someone get this done or is the loan amount going to be too small for lenders to touch?

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Hi Joe.

I can get this duplex funded for you. You would need 20% down but we can financing 100% of the rehab. Close in 2 weeks. Washington DC is no problem. Just inbox me here and we can set up a call to get this completed for you!

Craig Mayes

Joe, I don't know whether I can help you or not, but answers to these question will help me determine we we can,

How many deals or projects did you work on close in the last 36 months?

First Name

Last Name


Phone Number

Business Entity

Estimated Credit Score

Full Project Address

Purchase Price

As-Is Value


Rehab Budget

Liquid Funds Available

Total Rentals Owned

Ever Had a Foreclosure? When?

Bankruptcy? When?

Ever Been Convicted of Felony or Fraud?

US Citizen?

Reggie Truss/loanfather336@gmail.com

Hi Joe. I know you are friends with Monty so you may wish to discuss this with him.  Since he normally does not touch loans this small please consider me as another option. He has been teaching me and helped me develop my knowledge over the last several months and I have a great source for this transaction if you need me. 

Lisa Verholtz

Joe I can get this file done for you with the 15% down.  you can contact me at amckapropertyinvestments@gmail.com 

Hey Joe,

Quite familiar with DC and may be able to help you with a local guy in the area.

Feel free to give me a call 804-357-8633.


Thanks for the responses. I was referred a lender that can do this but needs 20% down. I am going to move forward and put in the 20%. I have an LOI at 9.99% which I am happy with. Thanks again everyone.

Joe Bennett,

Reach out and we can discuss possible loan if you are still interested.

E-mail: davidlessnick@lenders-capitalllc.com

Alt: davidlessnick@outlook.com


David Lessnick


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