Looking for a direct lender to provide construction and permanent financing for a flagged hotel in Hammond, Louisiana. Strong borrowers with experience. LTV of approximately 70%. Looking for $6.8M, $5.3M in construction.

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Thank you for your interest in Kennedy Funding, Inc., one of the largest private commercial lenders in the country.  We specialize in short term real estate secured loans for many situations, including bridge funding, land acquisition, development and construction, bank workouts, foreclosures and bankruptcies.

At Kennedy Funding, we recognize the importance of speed, and that loans must often be structured around each client’s unique set of financial circumstances.  Our program has been providing lightning-fast service and creative funding solutions throughout North America since 1985, and with our international lending program, we have closed loans in Spain, Fiji, Belize, Mexico, St. Croix, and St. Maarten!

Loans from $1,000,000 to $50 Million: Domestic and International!
Loan Term:    One to five years. No prepayment penalty.
Collateral:    Typically commercial real estate.  Other fixed assets may be considered in some cases.
Loan-to-value Ratio:    Loan amounts of up to 60% of the value of the collateral.  
If the loan is used for construction or renovation, the loan can be funded in stages up to 50% of the improved value.
Interest Rate:    Depending upon collateral, rates start at 9%, interest only. In lieu of equity, a Fee of 0-10% may be paid.  Rates for international transactions are generally higher than domestic loans.
Minimum Loan Size:    $1,000,000  nationwide, and $3 million internationally.
Immediate Response • Flexible Loan Structures 
7-10 Day Closings • Brokers Protected
For more information, please contact Jeffrey Silver at (201) 342-8500.
or visit our web site at www.kennedyfunding.com


We are an investment banking group funding project worldwide and fully transparent with strong history.  Please contact me if you still seek funding for your project.  See below:

Investment banking group offering 100% funding either debt or equity or combination worldwide!  We are interested in the Energy, Technology, Mining, Real Estate and Business sectors. 30 year proven track record!  

We offer terms that are bank rate or better. No front fees. Principals must cover third party cost prior to closing. Our market is domestic and international.

It is our goal to offer you a quick, transparent and professional experience along with the most efficient service to fund your project.  We provide 100% of borrower’s capital request in the form of debt, equity or a combination and allow all documented expense paid by the borrower to be stacked on top of the request funds.  We can offer a moratorium on payments until the project is stabilized and cash flowing if the timeline to completion is reasonable.  (Determined on a case-by-case basis)

Ron Coleman



nepcoinc1 -Skype



Mr Steve T Noble

We actively invest and provide short, medium and long-term finance facilities to corporate and private borrowers globally who are able to clearly demonstrate viability and status. We boast extensive financial resources from our own and managed private funds and are therefore able to provide facilities specifically structured to generate far reaching financial solutions designed to stimulate business growth and maximize profitability.

Broker’s information:

If you are a  professional intermediary advisor Loan Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Independent Financial Advisers, Insolvency Practitioners, Solicitors, Accountants, Lettings Agents, Estate Agents, Sole Traders or anyone else providing financial services and you have clients that would benefit from what our company offers we would like to hear from you.

Go to our Website B.J.Enterprises. http://www.bjenterprises.net  for Company information or e-mail enquiries@bjenterprises.net

Good morning,

This type of lending is our specialty.  I can give you a non-recourse loan, interest between 4 and 5 1/2 %, minimal points. No upfront fees. Please feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to chat further about this.


Best Regards,

Stephanie McGowan

Financial Consultant


Sent you an email - please check


Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc. is a private investment bank with an active real estate financing division.

Jeffrey B. Freis, President
Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc.
Tel: 914 967-9235
Fax:914 798-6670


We are Direct Lenders for a number of Commercial Banks...We recently funded a $50MM hotel renovation & are working on a $26MM Hotel new construction loan.....We do both: bridge & permanent!

Please email me on this site or bill@billpetka.com   Also please visit our corporate site:  www.cngleasingllc.com

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.......


Bill Petka-Acct Mgr.

CNG Leasing, LLC

-----Reno, NV-----






Good afternoon. My name is Felix and I am a Finance Specialist. We can help you.
Call my partner Courtney Lawrence and she will talk to you about the kinds of funds we provide. Also go to our website. For any questions please to hesitate to reach us.
Courtney Lawrence:
Phone:  (949) 777-5509 | Fax:   (949) 309-2731


We are direct underwriters with multiple banks.......We shouldn't have any problms procuring the funding you need! Please call me at 775.233.3370 and I will set-up a "Conference Call" with our Head Underwriter for you Hotel Project.


Bill Petka--Acct.. Mgr.

CNG Leasing, LLC




Credit Funding Solutions Empowered by MJ & Associates LLC has simplified the application processes, streamlined qualification requirements, and knocked down unnecessary barriers.
Plus, we've created an exclusive network of funding partners that specialize in helping small businesses take advantage of opportunities quickly.

    We get your credit to 700+
    Credit enhancements with personal or business trade lines.
    Credit Ready Aged Shelf Corps.
    Several Funding Programs
    No Upfront Fees

We fund in all 50 states
We have big ambitions to help every small business in America, and we're just getting started.
We have over 12M in accessed funding this year alone!
Credit Funding Solutions was founded on the idea that there is a funding option available for every business need. We've helped over 8,000 people and businesses reach their full potential.
We have over 30 years of experience
We've built and cultivated a proven financing model. Our model is more than just a formula. It is a philosophy that each business has unique needs which require a unique approach.
Check out our website www.creditfundingsolutions.com or Call 1-800-563-4479

Hello Everyone,

Come partnership with us and we will help you with the amount of money you to buy the real estate house you need.

personal loan
company loan
business loan
commercial loan
construction loan
Mortgage loan

For more information just email : derek.mbfinancial.com@gmail.com
Mobile Number: +1 330-974-0134

Hope to hear from you
Mr. Howard

Dear Steve,

We have some great Direct Lenders to help you get these deals Financed please give me a call

thank you 



Do your clients need a Commercial Loan? Whether you are an investor or a

Business owner we have a loan program to fit your lending needs. Contact

us and discover how our lending expertise will provide you a customized

commercial real estate loan that is right for your unique situation.


Please see attachment, and my personal contact info is below. I look forward to discussing any questions or concerns you may have.


 Thank you and have a nice day,


Best Regards, 


Jack Taromino

Business Development Specialist

Oxford Capital

The Powers Building

16 West Main St., Suite 231

Rochester, New York 14614

E-mail jtaromino@oxfordcapitalmortgage.com


Office- 888-863-2375



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