Please contact me if you can do equity funding on  2-4 unit buildings in CA.

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Hello Michele, 

I offer equity funding - up to 75% LTV on purchase price.  Can do owner occupied and non-owner occupied on single and multiple units. I lend in Northern CA. 

So give me a call or email at 707/523-2099 and email

I have been dealing with Hard Money loans for many years and definitely would like to help you if I can. 

Best, Forest - Sun Pacific Mortgage and Real Estate

Do you only lend in No. CA?  I'm in So. CA. (Los Angeles)

Unfortunately yes, only in Northern CA BUT contact this really good Hard Money Lender in your next of CA:

Collen Bigler of Loan Solutions.  (661) 251-9075 is her phone and email is

She should definitely be able to help you. 

Best, Forest

GREAT!!!! Thank you so much.

Hi Michele.  Maybe I can help you.

If you are ever in need of a DIRECT PRIVATE MONEY LENDER, please consider FUND MORTGAGE CAPITAL. in Burlingame California. As Direct Private Money Lenders we provide you with the funds you need to QUICKLY close, whether it is for commercial or residential real estate loans.  If you are tired of hearing "No" from the banks, a private money loan may fit your present needs or investment strategy perfectly.

Unlike traditional lending, which is largely defined by credit scores and the borrower's ability to repay, hard money loans are based almost entirely on the value of the underlying asset.

Call me with your next loan scenario to see what we can do for you! My name is Kathleen Glinski and I can be reached at 415 877 4416 or if you need toll free it’s 888 910 5752.  You can also email me at



  I am Larry Stone and i would want you to know that we give out loans at low rate of 2%. Contact us on so we can give you our lending criterias

Hi Ms Jefferson


My name is Morine. Please forward your executive summary to I have private investors who may be interested



Ok great.

Thank you for your response.

I have sent you an email.

Great I'll check it out and respond.

Thank you.

I haven't received an email from you.

sent the email again


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