I'm looking for a $500k Loan for acquisition of a 122 unit 100% occupied MF investment for 1 year at 8%. The property has NOI 540k. Please advise?

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Hi Samuel, 

Where is this property located?  I'm only licensed for the state of California so hopefully its within the region I fund, otherwise I could possibly refer you to a good Lender who can help. 

Best, Forest

Owner/Hard Money Lender - The Guy in the White Hat


Thank you for responding. The property is located in Dayton, Ohio. I can be reached at (312)672-1198

Thanks, Sam

All right, try contacting Gary Pitts of MAE Capital Mortgage. 415-320-7818.  He offers nation wide financing, including big properties such as yours. 

Wish you best of luck. 


Owner/Hard Money Lender - The Guy in the White Hat



I work as a Business Relationship Officer with IBS, N.A.'s investment banking division. We recently put together a small balance program via private equity for Class B & C assets that aren't quite a fit for the depository bank but too good for hard money. Sounds like this may be a fit. Please email or call me at copelon.kirklin@myinstitutionalbanking.com, 225.304.2634


Copelon J. Kirklin

Please send me a executive summary or your project with full contact.


Hi Mack,

I have several direct lenders in mind for your property but would I will need to learn more..

Please contact me at diane@capfinancegroup.com or call 913-601-2618.


Samuel if you are still looking for funding then this will probably be one of your best sources.

Get multiple competitive bids here for funding;


best of luck,

Mike Haines

Hello Samuel,

We can provide 65%-70% LTV base on income and property value.  www.ecapitalfund.com

Thanks For your Time,


Mr. Rob Robinson, REIF, Consultant
Real Estate Investor financier
1-814-619-7880  fax
1-218-339-2417 Conference Line
Access Code 7864694#

What is the property value?

Marc Frankel | Vice President

Johnson Capital

7100 West Camino Real, Suite 302

Boca Raton, FL 33433

T 561.337.1447 | C 216.644.7607 | F 888.337.4514

marcfrankel@johnsoncapital.com | www.johnsoncapital.com


I would love to have a look at this deal. We have lenders in Ohio that are very interested in Multifamily properties.

Please send Rentroll, income and expenses to start and I will let you know what value we can add and any additional information we need then.

Looking forward to working with you.




Dear Sir,
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Good Day,
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Mr Coskun Erdem
Assistance executive Investment Coordinator


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