No collecting paystubs, bank statements, and utility bills for housing verification. No phone calls to your employer for employment verification. No searching for collateral in your home, car, or other investments. FastCashCredit offers a true no doc loan that involves a simple application, a simple approval process, and fast funding.


Call us Today: 818-298-3131 or Visit Now!! FastCashCredit(dot)com Roger Segure

Call me personally. Remember. We have No Application Fees, or Upfront Fees!
FastCashCredit provides a smarter alternative to client borrowing needs. Today's lending environment is very tight. Even the most qualified borrowers are being turned away and extensions of additional credit are requiring mountains of documentation. For clients with a strong credit history, this process is very frustrating and feels unnecessary. Working with FastCashCredit takes the work out of obtaining additional capital.

Renters OK. No Assets or home is needed.
No business plan is required.
Minimum 680 FICO. Possibly lower. Case by case basis

Feel free to call me to see if I can help with funding for yourself or a client. In today's restrictive lending environment, it's vital to have a professional loan placement company to achieve your borrowing needs. Clients with a good credit history are rewarded with great rates and affordable terms.

We even fund high-risk industries such as Restaurants, Start-up Companies, Transportation, Cannabis, HVAC, New Businesses and Wholesale, etc.

So if you're needing lines of credit, installment loans, or credit cards, we can help.

Fast Funding As little as 7-10 days.
Absolutely zero income documentation.
0% Interest for up to 18 months.

Call us Today: 818-298-3131 or Visit Now!! FastCashCredit(dot)com

Use your new credit for:
* Advertising
*Cannabis/Marijuana funding
*Investment Capital
*New business start up companies
*Real estate fix and flip loans
*Working capital

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