Hi everyone.

I have deleted most of the previous verified funding sources from that page on this website because they had been verified a few months before this site was built, over a year and a half ago. I have kept the lenders that I know for certain to be true direct real estate lenders. That list just went from nearly 50 funding sources down to just 5. I don't have the time to call dozens of funding sources and re-verify so I am asking you to contact me, Admin, if you are a true, direct real estate lender and would like to be added to this list. This way I can easily rebuild a 100% accurate list of Verified Funding Sources on this website, something that every borrower and mortgage broker can count on to get the funding they need! There are too many scams and fake lenders out there so I want to assemble the best, most accurate list online. When I started this site in 2012 I had that. Now it is time to rebuild that list to help everyone on this website!

The Real Estate Finance Website has grown very fast and now being a part of that list is a very valuable marketing tool for any true, direct lender. Before I deleted most of the previous lenders last week, our Verified Funding Sources page was to the point where it was being viewed over 1100 times a week. That number keeps going up as this website gets bigger!

Let me know if you would like to be included.

Happy Holidays!


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Agreed! but unfortunately in this business image is half the battle or as my old partner would say "its all about credibility" what he really meant was it is all about looking credible. I noticed a huge difference in response when I switched from a gmail account to a slick website and custom email. 

With that being said, what is typical for a private lender to request from you?

Bank statements?


Social security # ?

I just would like to know what would be a red flag. Thanks

Good Morning Jennifer,

I've been posting on this site for a couple years now.

I offer unsecured business lines of credit.

The only item needed to qualify is good credit.

I never ask for W-2s or tax returns. Just good credit.

Call me for details 216 337 7520 


Ray Antonelli


You can add www.expertbusinessfunding.com to the site. I have a proven track record along with many success stories. To your success!

Francisco Villa




I would like to be listed. We offer Commercial RE loans as well as other commercial lending products such as bridge loans and SBA which can be used for purchase of RE. Please let me know what we need to do in order to be listed. Thanks!

Tiffany 425.615.6150



WestCoast Capital Group

I replied to your inbox

Please include Thorofare Capital. 

Thorofare Capital is a private equity fund management firm which specializes in short-term, first mortgage financing for all commercial property types...including hotels, shopping centers, self-storage, multi-family and others. We are a direct, balance sheet lender with discretionary capital for investment.


We can analyze, underwrite, structure and close transactions in as little as five business days. Our average turnaround is about 10 business days. Minimum transaction size is $1 million and maximum capacity per transaction is $25 million.


Size: $1M to $25M

Location: United States only

Max. LTV: 68% (Can go to 85% with B-piece)

Max. LTC: 90%

Recourse: No, with cash flow lockbox provisions

Term: 1-3 years

Interest Rate: 8.95% - 12.5% fixed, interest-only

Loan Origination Fee: 1.95% - 2.95%


William Lanting

Thorofare Capital, Inc.

310.592.4400 (Cell)


CA BRE License: 01868648


To admin, I am interested in being on your Verified Funding Sources.
I am a Finance Agent working with Direct Lenders fo Business and Commercial Loans.
When someone comes to me I am authorize to send them the application or summit there information to the company for funding. I have included my webpage for your considerations.
Thank you for your time;
Reginald Metts

Direct Business Lenders


How do you verify all these posts that they are legit direct lenders? I see so many posts now claiming to be direct lenders, do you really check on these folks or you take their word for it? Just wondering, not accusing anyone with anything..

Thank you


The Verified Funding Sources page on this website is 100% accurate. It is a short, exclusive, and verified list. Anyone else may or may not be lenders. It is not a crime to be a broker but hopefully a broker will call himself/herself a broker instead of playing games. When a loan is signed every borrow can see in black and white if they are working with a broker or direct lender. If you find out with 100% certainty that someone is attempting to broker a loan after saying they are a direct lender, feel free to post it here in blog format so the thousands of people viewing this website each day will know the truth.

In my life I was first a broker, then a lender with my own investors backing me. Now I am neither but it is funny for me to watch people pretend to be lenders. Broker has become a very dirty word the last four years because so many low level people that have no business practicing this profession like to lie and cheat. On the other hand, there are many very good and reputable mortgage brokers including several that use this very website. Brokers can do a great job and be a valuable resource, unfortunately a lack of integrity by maybe a quarter of the profession makes the other very knowledgeable and reputable brokers look bad.

If someone pretends to be a lender, let everyone here know but do it one time and leave it alone after that. We are all adults here. If I see the post, and I do not read most posts, very few really, then I will delete the faker if I believe it to be true. On the other hand, many people cry foul when in reality, they just feel bad that they don't qualify for funding, but that is a whole different topic.

Lenders have a pool of funds (hedge, insurance, bank line, etc), their own personal backers, or their own money. Lenders physically write the check or wire the funds. Brokers do none of these things. They find borrowers, connect them with the lenders, and do the initial paperwork for a transaction. After that they get out of the way unless the lender needs further assistance. If you are reading this, you know from what I just typed if you are a broker or lender. If you are a lender, let everyone know! You are a very valuable resource.

Roger, I'm sure this goes way beyond your question but it also answers it.

Have a great day and thank you for using the best mortgage resource on the internet!


I appreciate your response, I am for one will never give the impression that I am a direct lender or a private lender.. I have been down this road before and I know honesty is the key to success. 

Again thank you for taking the time to respond to my question

Have a wonderful day


Please verify www.CLCLLC.net

William McCloskey
Senior Account Executive
Commercial Loan Center, LLC
P.O. Box 1422
Blue Bell, PA 19422
215-281-0659 (office)
267-205-4420 (cell)
206-350-5900 (fax)


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