Hi everyone.

I have deleted most of the previous verified funding sources from that page on this website because they had been verified a few months before this site was built, over a year and a half ago. I have kept the lenders that I know for certain to be true direct real estate lenders. That list just went from nearly 50 funding sources down to just 5. I don't have the time to call dozens of funding sources and re-verify so I am asking you to contact me, Admin, if you are a true, direct real estate lender and would like to be added to this list. This way I can easily rebuild a 100% accurate list of Verified Funding Sources on this website, something that every borrower and mortgage broker can count on to get the funding they need! There are too many scams and fake lenders out there so I want to assemble the best, most accurate list online. When I started this site in 2012 I had that. Now it is time to rebuild that list to help everyone on this website!

The Real Estate Finance Website has grown very fast and now being a part of that list is a very valuable marketing tool for any true, direct lender. Before I deleted most of the previous lenders last week, our Verified Funding Sources page was to the point where it was being viewed over 1100 times a week. That number keeps going up as this website gets bigger!

Let me know if you would like to be included.

Happy Holidays!


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www.nextstepcapitalfunding.com we would be happy to assist you in all of your commercial loan needs. We have many product and some with 100%financing. Call us at 302 384 2322

NEPCO, INC is an International Private Commercial direct lender financing projects at up to 100% either debt/equity or combination interested in the Energy, Technology, Business, Mining and Real Estate markets.  Our alternative financing model offers EASE and flexibility in obtaining private capital while avoiding traditional bank’s rigid lending practices, extended closing timeframes and over inflexible underwriting standards.

 Minimum loan amount is $10M US with no maximums on asset based lending.  Our funding is based on strength of project not LTV or LTC. 


This is non- conforming or alternative financing within a Non-Recourse structure and with no prepayment penalties.  A moratorium on payments until the project is stabilized and cash flowing can be provided.  (Determined on a case-by-case basis)

Our rates are  based on the following indexes: London bank rate, Libor, Bond rate, 5-year Treasury or Prime depending on the project with terms of 3, 5, 7, 10 , 15 or 20 years



  • Business Plan or Executive Summary with actual or proforma income statements 3 -5 years

  • Balance Sheet/Financial Statement/Cash Flow/P & L with YTD less than 90 days old (if applicable)

  • Copy of Appraisal or other valuation (if available)

  • Expanded Resumes of all principals

  • Line Item Detailed Use of Funds for short-term and long-term projections

  • Exit strategy

  • Financial statement-Personal/Corporate


If you provide the requested information and documentation we can move forward quickly.   We need to stress that you must have a willingness to work through the requirements, equity of some form in your project, capital to support your project, proof of funds invested to date, and a team with a track record of success.


Please include any additional information that would make this project more appealing to a Lender, Investor or Equity participant.  Unique Project features and Keys to Success:


Due Diligence and other Third Party Cost:

Due to standard banking policies and procedures, due diligence, underwriting (not inclusive of business evaluation/ project need/necessity study and site inspection) is always conducted and is an inherent necessary advance cost to be borne by you the Borrower/applicant seeking 100% capital after receipt of written expression of interest with general terms and conditions.

NEPCO, INC – Global Lending and Capital Formation for Projects & Assets - Ron Coleman, President   770-572-7765-ofc; nepcoinc@att.net; nepcoinc1 – Skype

Get Paid every two weeks, free to Join Get paid in the Real Estate Industry By referring clients to us....877-570-5594 for any questions https://strongbrookenroll.secure-backoffice.net/RAstart.aspx?ID=56870 Free LInk ^^^^^^^^ Above Realtor Presentation http://ggproperties.strongbrookdirect.com/realtor/index.html Investor Presentation http://ggproperties.strongbrook.com/investor/index.html Join Here https://strongbrookenroll.secure-backoffice.net/IBDstart.aspx?ID=gg... Earn More ^^^^^^^^^^^

Hello Admin,

We are a private lending company and would like to be added to your list of Verified Lenders.

Please advise!


Annalisa Winberg

Valley Song Capital Management, Inc.


(209) 543-5202

Our company, Bloomfield Capital, is a Direct Bridge lending firm.  We're happy to provide references to done deals, brokers, borrowers, etc.

Please let me know what you need to get us listed as a verified Lender.


Brent Truscott, Partner, Bloomfield Capital.  btruscott@bloomfieldcapital.com, 248-220-1964.

yes we do need that asap thank you

ATT: DIRECT LENDERS, HEDGE FUND MANAGERS & PRIVATE INVESTORS. The last quarter of the year is ending soon. Next Step Capital Funding is in the process of merging with a strategic partner. This move will triple our request for funding intake. As a result we must increase the number of our Conduit Capital Partners in the following markets. Bridge loans, equity partner, SBLC, CMBS, DPO, senior debt, mezzanine, mega loans and more. If you would like to grow with us feel free to contact me for a confidential conversation. In addition Next Step is looking for referral partners at 50% comm. Call 302-384-2322-email funding@nextstepcapitalfunding.com. http://ow.ly/Dhx76

Wanting to confirm RichGid Lending is confirmed lender. Thank you

I co-broker DIRECT to the lender and would love to be on your verified funding source list.  

We provide commercial loans $10 million and up.  Terms are JV or Equity Partnership, OR 1-5 year loan OR we can provide private hard money loans for shorter terms.   We require lower down payments than most other lenders, have no application fee, and reply within 72 hours.  We fund in 45-60 days.  

Thanks.  Please let me know what information/verification you need from me to be added to the list.  

Lisa Arlt Escoto


President, Virginia Deed of Trust Investments, LLC
Licensed Virginia Realtor with Cottage Street Realty, Vienna, VA
Direct 703-307-8749
Toll Free Fax 877-455-3493

Connect with me on LinkedIn!   

This is not a public offering. This is not an offer or invitation to sell or a solicitation of any offer to purchase any securities in the United States or any other jurisdiction. Any securities may only be offered or sold, directly or indirectly, in the state or states in which they have been registered or may be offered under an appropriate exemption.

If you do not wish to receive any future emails from me, please reply to this email with the words "Unsubscribe" and your name and email address and I will remove you from my email list. 


Hi, please add Alpha Funding Solutions, LLC to your list. We are direct asset based lenders in the Northeast servicing New Jersey, Philadelphia, NYC (5 borrows), and Connecticut.

Alpha Funding Solutions, LLC

29 Union Ave

Lakehurst, NJ 08733



Hi Monte

We connected on LinkedIn and I also belong to a few of your groups.

I have been posting here almost since the beginning.

I recently joined Nations Lending Corp in Cleveland, Ohio so I can offer full service mortgages of any kind as well.

Please forward your current requirements to be verified. ray100 at gmail dot com




Providing Investors/businesses, both seasoned and startups, with access to commercial real estate financing, working capital and over 20 other types of business loans needed to cultivate growth and ensure success for years to come!


GO TO: http://www.connectlending.com/portal/15548/home

As a business owner/Real Estate Investor borrower you want to find a lender that understands your business, supports it, and is willing to offer you a fair loan. MACG REAL ESTATE GROUP Funding Portal system sifts through hundreds of lenders and handpicks the best lenders for your unique situation. Our intelligent software design saves you days, weeks, or even months of searching for a business loan. Our systems only match you with the lenders that have "pre-approved" your situation and have a high likelihood of closing your loan.

Finally, Real Estate Investors can get the financing they need!


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