Hi everyone.

I have deleted most of the previous verified funding sources from that page on this website because they had been verified a few months before this site was built, over a year and a half ago. I have kept the lenders that I know for certain to be true direct real estate lenders. That list just went from nearly 50 funding sources down to just 5. I don't have the time to call dozens of funding sources and re-verify so I am asking you to contact me, Admin, if you are a true, direct real estate lender and would like to be added to this list. This way I can easily rebuild a 100% accurate list of Verified Funding Sources on this website, something that every borrower and mortgage broker can count on to get the funding they need! There are too many scams and fake lenders out there so I want to assemble the best, most accurate list online. When I started this site in 2012 I had that. Now it is time to rebuild that list to help everyone on this website!

The Real Estate Finance Website has grown very fast and now being a part of that list is a very valuable marketing tool for any true, direct lender. Before I deleted most of the previous lenders last week, our Verified Funding Sources page was to the point where it was being viewed over 1100 times a week. That number keeps going up as this website gets bigger!

Let me know if you would like to be included.

Happy Holidays!


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I know the Admin of this site is working hard to weed out the fraud, swindles and fake however,
everyone should do their own research; search phone numbers, names, company’s names, and
e-mail address before you give any personal information …

Red Flags! No website, no phone number, offering unrealistic terms/rates; there are some people
out there just looking to get your info, others make a living on upfront fees.

Remember it is easy to change phone number, use alias, and e-mail address, so finding little or
nothing about the person, company, e-mail address, or phone number is a red flag too.

Best Regards,
Tony Chorrushi
765 236-6002

Kennedy Funding Financial LLC

Jeff Silver (201-708-9928)


Nationwide as well as International Commercial Bridge Loans on Land as well.


Good morning:

At Guaranteed Rate (the 8th largest mortgage company in the USA), in addition to Conventional & Gov't Loans, we provide an entire suite of alternative mortgage products for Residential and Commercial properties. I have the experience to evaluate your needs and help you secure real estate financing if it is available. I can be reached by phone 202.800.9944, e-mail marcz@guaranteedrate.com or my website www.guaranteedrate.com/MarcZitelman

I look forward to assisting you, Marc

Hi, would you please add Mortgage Money, Inc to your verified direct real estate funding sources page please.  We have been operating since 2001 and have a great verifiable reputation.

Hello..... Happy New Year to you. I am with the Rubicon Mortgage Fund in Lafayette, CA in Northern California. We are a Direct Private Bridge Lender Specializing in Commercial and N/O/O SFR's through out California, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon (other states on case by case basis)

I would like to be added to the Verified Funding Sources Page. Please visit us at the Website below my contact information is also below. Let me know what is the next step.... Have a Productive 2014!!!!!

Antoine Anderson
Associate/Loan Originator
P: 510-381-1930




Hi Admin. I would like to be added to Verified funding sources.My contact information is.

Home: 347.434.3534

Office: 917-740.4292

Corporate office:800.883..8290



Please add LendingHQ - Hard Money Lender in South Carolina. Thank you.South Carolina Hard Money Lender
- Residential & Commercial Properties
- No Upfront Fees
- $10k to $2 Million or more funding


If you would like to be added as a verified funding source, please contact Admin directly.


What do I have to do to verify we are  true direct private commercial lenders. We have funded over $2.5 billion in closed loans.

Kennedy Funding Financial LLC

Jeff Silver (201-708-9928)


Nationwide as well as International Commercial Bridge Loans on Land as well.


Please add the following Direct Lender to your list:

Thorofare Capital

601 S. Figueroa Street, Suite 2050

Los Angeles, CA 90017

William Lanting (310) 592-4400  bill.lanting@thorofarecapital.com  www.thorofarecapital.com

Nationwide bridge loans for all commercial property types: hotels, shopping centers, self-storage, multi-family and others.  $1M to $25M. 

Thorofare Capital is a private equity fund management firm which specializes in short-term, first mortgage financing for all commercial property types...including hotels, shopping centers, self-storage, multi-family and others. We are a direct, balance sheet lender with discretionary capital for investment.

We can analyze, underwrite, structure and close transactions in as little as five business days. Our average turnaround is about 10 business days. Minimum transaction size is $1 million and maximum capacity per transaction is $25 million.

I have been looking for funding for  a few deals. I posted on your site and I have recieved several responses.

One I am sure of is not lagit, the name was Harry Vestes. There was no website and the grammer was unreal in his email.

He is looking for my ID and my banking info. If you like I can send you a copy of his email.

The other strange thing is I was offering 10% interest and he offered me 5%. Thanks for your time

Nicholas Viola


To everyone that has no idea what private money is... A private lender is often just an individual that has a substantial amount of money and feels that real estate lending is a smarter investment than stocks, mutual funds, or anything else. A private lender can lend at any interest rate he or she wants.

Also, where do people get the idea that a private lender (meaning an individual) must have a website and a customized email address? You can be wealthy and lend money and still use a yahoo or gmail account, and most normal people do not have their own website. I once ran my own lending firm, not that long ago, and did not have a private website for that. I simply had a huge online presence, three investors backing me, and wanted to make some money.

There are surely people on this and every other website who are not legitimate but there is no way to get rid of all the nonsense, just take a look at LinkedIn.com and you will find THOUSANDS of them. Honestly I see more ridiculous and uneducated so called "borrowers" than I see fake lenders, on this site and every other.

I own this website and likely know more about this than anyone that will ever read this post or any other. When I was lending, I used a yahoo.com email address and still do to this day. I doubt that any of the dozens I lent money to had any problem with that.


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