Financing Needed for a purchase of an old Medical Building for $750,000 then convert into MF-26 units


I am a mortgage broker and I have a borrower wanting to get a Commercial loan to buy an old medical building in FL for $750,000.  It's currently under contract and due to time constraints, he just wants to buy the property then he plans on getting a construction loan to tear down the old building and build new MF buildings for 26 units.  Borrower has some experience in construction and rental properties.  Can anyone assist with this for the acquisition of the property?

You can reach me at

(208) 231-1944

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Any Brokers or Lenders have a good option to help with this?

We have a fully licensed direct lender who is interested in learning more about this project.  I will contact you shortly, Mr. Graser.

Hey Zane. Just sent an email to


Both of the gentleman that have responded to your request are top professionals. I would highly recommend picking one of these two to call or message with details of your transaction. You can't go wrong with either one.

Thanks for your call this morning and best of luck to you Zane.


Thank you Monty!  Looks like we need a construction bid to go with the purchase on this property.

Zane if you would like to speak on the phone with Chad or Gregory, just reply to them on this post with your phone number. You can also send either of these gentlemen a friend request and that allows you to DM each other. 

I own this website and it is a great tool to connect with other industry professionals. To attest to what a great and useful site this is... I just started my job as an AE for Capital Three Sixty last Friday so 4 days ago and I already have one loan in process and two more that I am submitting tomorrow for members of this website. Please feel free to post any funding request you like on this site. Any legitimate transaction will usually get multiple responses from good professionals like Chad and Gregory.

Good luck to you Zane.


Thanks for the kind words Monty. I emailed Zane but he may check this format first.

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