We are a Correspondent Commercial Lender providing funding for projects in all 50 States and select International locations. We DO NOT charge due diligence fees. We can fund in as little as 2 weeks.


  • Conventional loans - rates as low as 4.45%
  • SBA Loans 7A and 504
  • Construction Loans, Investment Pool, and REIT
  • Hard Money loans starting at 8%
  • International Loans (No Mines, Land Deals, Start Ups)

Always available to review loan scenarios. 


Residential Program:

  • Available in 7 states ONLY (AZ, CA, CO,FL,NC, TX, and UT
  • Fix and Flip - up to 80% LTV/LTC
  • Buy and Hold - up to 70% ARV (PROPERTY MUST BE CASH FLOWING)
  • No Appraisal
  • Lite Doc
  • Rates as low as...10%

CA Hard Money Commercial deals up to 75% LTV, 5 day close.

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What  is your criteria for multi unit financing?  Offered performing 236 unit at a great price.  What is your LTV for purchase, can seller assist by holding a second.  Can renovation and purchase be one loan if cash flow and appraised value has enough strength to carry the debt.?

Florence, MAX LTV is 85%, and yes we will allow for a Seller Assist. Criteria for "Multi Unit" = 5+ Units. 

Thank you for your response.  Please email  me your contact information at floworks777@gmail.com.

Nate is the 85% LTV for single and multi family units


Please contact me asap, at rphinkle@gmail.com I will give you a phone number so we can have a phone conversation about my lending needs and lending leads I can source to you in huge volumes. 

Randy Hinkle


Do you work with Anthony Tomasi?


i do not awork for him and do not know him, curious about this why are you sking? I personally have been buying and selling not in a business name but in my personal name for thirty + years, I have recently started using a dormant LLC to do business called Alabama Log Homes, LLC as my company for the same old real estate transactions I have always done, I also own Freeman Appraisal Company, LLC in Cullman, Al. for the past 24 years. Also I Founded a 501C3 called Stoney Creek Outreach, Inc. a christian youth camp in Cullman, www.stoneycreekalabama.com. Now for the loa lead generation this is Trinity Mortgage of which I am a Administrative Coordinator, my partner and I, have the full control over the commercial lending side, we also do conforming loans through Hancock Mortgage of Texas and People Bank of Oklahoma. Our concept is to control the buyer in every real estate transaction occurring by using our rebating concept, which is perfectly legal in Texas and 38 other states. The Department of Justice is pushing the other 12 states with lws against rebating to change because it hurts the consumer by not letting some companies be more competitive by giving back commission to help the consumer and ultimately gain more of the market share. We have Realtors signed up as affiliates to take a 1% fee for both buyer ad sellers agents leaving 4% to the buyer in cash for closing, rehab or points, never before available. We have been told by hud and respa it is a great concept as long as it is listed ad disclosed o the Hud 1 on a certain line. (see respa and DOJ .about rebating). Nate wa very nice on our conversation, but we got cut off when speaking bout my needs, If you can do 90% loans for an experienced person like me with a 771 FICO, I can come up with enough down payment money through a personal friend and myself to buy about $5,000,000 in property at very low ltv's. So Katherine Nate and I had a agreement about the lead sourcing to add our fee and you would pay back 1/% on top of what we want to add, is this still ok and can I use your company name as a lending source for Trinity Mortgage and Real Estate. Also are you interrested in doing as much a $5,000,000 in purchases at stated income conventional loans with favorable rates and terms for my personal business. If so I will send a deal to you or Nate tomorrow to look a, please send me a list of needed info ad I will have it in file.

Katherine I would love to speak to you personally tomorrow if possible. all m anytime!.



I'm a real estate investor and I'm searching for great loans for my deals.

If you have these loans, please send me more info at:  jacquesadam01@yahoo.ca


Jacques Adam

Hi Nate.

I'm a real estate investoe and I'm searching for best loans for my deals.  If you have some, send me more info at:  jacquesadam01@yahoo.ca


Jacques Adam


Do you lend for residential and commercial properties?

Charisse, Commercial properties. There are only a few small instances that I can get a residential property through.

Hello Nate.. Ron Nametko here how are you. I'm the Founder/Pres. of Magic Sports... recently an opportunity came to me to purchase an operating resort that I placed an LOI to purchase it in 2009 for 14mm plus I had to pick up an additional 6mm that was owed. Today I can buy it for 7+ I'd need 2mm for operating capital and improvements. We would do an EB5 program and add my sport concept to it and it will create numbers like never before. I have the appraisal from 2009 when I was trying to buy it and it was at 33++mm Is this something you could handle. Thanks.. Ronnie... ; r.nametko@comcast.net  732-814-2325


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