I am a private lender located in New York, Are you honestly interested in receiving loan from a private
lender, we are a fast and reliable, search no more as i am willing to offer you the loan you need with the below requirement.
Monthly repayment of interest and principle amount with affordable repayment
Repayment of Monthly interest only with final balloon payment of
Principle Amount
No Pre-penalty for early loan payoff
Non Collateral Loan
No credit check
Loan Agreement prepared by Lawyer to legally bid us.
I do offer my loan at a Low interest as 4%  to individuals,companies and real estate investors all over united states with good terms and condition for financing, We provide secured loans and none-secured loans.
We offer many different Loan programs
* Personal Loans (Secure and Unsecured)
* Business Loans (Secure and Unsecured)
* Consolidation Loan
* Construction Loan
* Equity/Home Loan
* Student Loan
* Debt relief Loan
* Mortgage Loan
* Auto loans
*Educational loan and many-more. Our loans are easy and flexible, our Pre-approval process is quick..
We still recognize the importance of real estate fundamentals and strong business plans and are actively providing real estate investors the capital needed to execute on their business strategies.
Our terms and conditions are reasonable and we would like to hear from you if you are interested for more information about our procedures do not hesitate to contact me ASAP so we can begin the processing of your loan on how we can get you finance in two business days...We are your one stop lender. Apply now for your Pre-approval.

Kind Regards,
Steven Tayman.
(646) 580-7502
Email: realfinancials1@aol.com

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can you email me what your terms and rates are?




We offer our loan at 4% interest rate, our maximum loan term is 15 years, we also  offer secured loan and non-secured loans with no credit check. Our loan are fast and reliable and our Pre-Approval is quick. We will get you Pre-Approval within 8-24 hours.

If all the loan terms and obligations are met you are 100% guaranteed you will be funded in 48 hours

Can you please send me an application? kimberly.frock@capital.k12.de.us

I am Operation Officer of A Caring Touch Nursing and Home Care Inc is a new agency in the process of obtaining Massachusetts certification and accreditation; we are in need of $20,000 to $25,000 to cover business expense as we get closer to Medicaid/Medicare survey and certification.

Please contact me if it is up your alley 

On a separate note do you do OO rehab loan?



I have already emailed you. check your mail

I wish to purchase a turn key business that sells over 1 mil gross annually, the purchase includes all property, inventory, and customer base.. The owner is selling due to health reasons. The property value is 1.3 mil, the spelling price is 750k.. I need 500k to complete the sale. I am looking for a short term loan and can give a high ROI.
It is located in Casa Grande, AZ. please let me know what you think. I have already left you a voice mail. Call me at 480-244-0566 or e mail me at timmclean_59@hotmail.com
Thank you,
Tim McLean

Any upfront fees first?

Please provide me with more information sims_david35@hotmail.com on a Unsecured Business loan, I'm seeking 5 million, any up front fees.


I need a mortgage loan, can you help? Please let me know 

I have read your initial layout of obtaining a loan. But I'd like to know do you make funding available to purchase religious facilities. Because if you do, I'd like to see about obtaining financing in the amount of $55,000. Let me know if so and what would I need to do from here. Email me at: SmithRecruiter903@yahoo.com

I need a personal unsecured loan that does not have an upfront fee.

Mr Tayman.

I tried to email you but the email was undeliverable.

I have some deals I would like to discuss with you and some questions.

Please contact me at gallocorp80439@gmail.com

Thank you

John Galloway


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