Liars and cheats are an unfortunate part of every business from insurance, to stocks, to the legal and automotive professions, as well as many others including real estate and the funding that makes it possible.


I do not normally support negative posts but a recent onslaught of fake people supposedly named Don Dumas has got me upset and ready to blow the whistle on the scams. Please do not make posts like this yourself on The Real Estate Finance Website. If you know for certain that someone is a scam or a fake, POST IT HERE! I will start with a scam/fake:


Letch Capital Company and anyone named Don Dumas.

Please keep it clean and do not name someone as a fake or scam unless you know for a fact that you are correct.







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If someone is advertising "gap funding" but when you read their material they ask for complete access to your credit, including a copy of your drivers license and your ss card with the end result being the receipt of an unsecured credit card, would that be something you would be wary of?

Add Valley Green Capital, big promises to refinance your entire portfolio, 4 months later still nothing. Then they have the nerve to tell me I owe them 35k for not doing the refi! Scammers.


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