Experienced investor looking for $250,000 line of credit

I am an experienced real estate investor and am seeking a line of credit to expand my real estate business. Please contact me at ajones205@kc.rr.com if you have a suitable programme.  Alan Jones 816-506-7382

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Hello Alan,

We have a unsecured business line of credit for real estate program, 0 to 18 months payback period.                              Let me know the best time to call you,  my partner will contact you.

Daniel Trammell                                                                                                                                             Contact: http://www.wblgroup.net

Daniel - thanks for reaching out. I'm available for the rest of today as we've got a winter storm. Please call me on my cell at 816-506-7382 - thanks


We can offer a Private Capital Raise  with our Accredited Investors, and  

get you 100% of the funds you need with


NO down payment

NO personal liability or financials required

NO credit requirements


For full details  go to :     www,thelpmtrust.tk

Click the tab at top  :    Raise Capital with No Credit





Am a direct private lender, WE OFFER  ALL TYPES OF LOAN FUNDING, If you are serious,  You can contact me for funding today

Email# mrs.slavengillian@gmail.com
(Serious Inquiries Only)

Dear sir; If you are still in need of funding, please let me know. I can get you a Unsecured Business loan base on good credit, or a Business loan with less then perfect credit. If interested, please contact me.

Thank you for your time;

Reginald Metts

Direct Business Lenders


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