I am looking for 6$ million equity funding no LOANS in return for 36% share in my company. www.pavilionsofsplendourinternational.com reply to diana@pavilionsofsplendourinternational.com

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Hi Garry

I am not clear about you are saying it seems that you are offering funding I am mot looking for funding I work with private sources that fund finance projects. If you are a funding source that I can add you to my other funding sources and if you are in need of funding I can help you acquire financing for your project/projects.

You can call my office at 281-599-9954 Edward Tuggle Independent Private Consultant Credit Repair Consultant Private Commercial Business and Real Estate Financing Creative Financing Structuring to Purchase Commercial Properties Purchasing Non-Performing Commercial Notes.

Thank you Gary l have already responded to you please acknowledge and reply. Kind regards Diana

If you like you can call my office I would like to talk more with you about funding needs.

Edward Tuggle Independent Private Consultant Commercial Business Real Estate Funding Placement Credit Repair Consultant Creative Financing Structuring Consulting Office 281-599-9954

Hello Edward I would appreciate it if you could email me diana@pavilionsofsplendourinternational.com so that l can send you a couple of attachments 

Hi Diana

Yes you can send me the information  to etuggle859@sbcglobal.net

Office 281-599-9954

Thanks Edward Tuggle Independent Private Consultant.


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