Any members having any success with paid email blasts to the Real Estate Finance database?

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I paid for 4 blasts last spring. I received probably 18 to 20 emails and ending up helping an investor from this website with funding for a house flip. My commission for the flip was around $3500 if I recall correctly. I believe I paid $60 for the blasts so yes, it was well worth it.

Hi Gina, 

Thanks for replying - good to know. 

I did one when I first joined this site, probably a couple years ago. I received several phone calls and texts. Bought a few more last winter and included my email address. This generated quite a few responses. Although I did not close a deal from it, I did get a great amount of activity. 

Hey Shaun. Activity and responses are the key indicators to it's success, thanks for sharing as Ive been considering. BTW, what were you selling/offering?


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