Seeking funding - 65% of the ARV > no credit check, no money up front. Having a hard time finding this type of loan even though I was told it exists. (Northeast Ohio)

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This exists, but it might not for the markets you are investing in.  I have more than a few lenders that offer programs like these, but it's for CA properties; not too sure about lenders offering these for Midwest/East Coast properties.
Sorry that doesn't really help you.

Just my .02


Hi Chad, 

Which city and state are you trying to get 65% funding in?  I know of a possible referral but they do select states. 

Best, Forest

Owner/Hard Money Broker - The Guy in the White Hat

Youngstown, Ohio

Okay, contact Cameron Sharp of at 1-800-284-0076 Ext 101 or by email at  They do max 65% ARV in Ohio.  You may have to come in with a small amount of money but this is the only referral I know of close to what you are asking for. 

Wish you the best of luck buddy. 

Best, Forest

Owner/Hard Money Broker - The Guy in the White Hat

If you are looking for a loan that gets done

Quick turn-around times
All credit histories accepted
Loans ranging from $100,000 to $2,500,000
Loan-to-value (LTV) up to 65%
1-3 year terms, interest-only

Then follow this link to get stated

Sorry, But I'm Looking for " 65% ARV Lending " (not LTV)

ARV - After - Repaired - Value

Chad, try this place the broker is Tom and he is in Ohio. I know he does what your looking for. Good luck and God Bless. Here is his website.


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Chad, I am looking for the same type of funding but in CT. If you received funding off ARV please send me that contact to

Thank you for your consideration in advance.  

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