I currently own 5 single-family homes that I keep as rentals. I am ready to Branch out and look at options for my first commercial property, something around $500,000 to $700,000 range. I can put $40,000 down, maybe a little more if I need to. My credit score is around 600. Property will be in either NJ or NY. I want hard money to start and will look at other options later. Who has it?

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Joe, maybe we can help you with this loan, send me an email address, so we can get started with this.  Love NJ lived in Camden for awhile, hope to hear from you, and let's do this.

Reggie Truss


I am direct to my well capitalized lender that has the following below new additional loan programs for direct Investors/Sponsors only,and these programs are available in 45 states:

If interested in either loan program,contact me at: donmoneybiz@gmail.com

Loan Program 1:New 2 year program for purchase, refi (cash out or rate/term)
1-4 unit residential and warrantable condos only
Closing in 15 days
660 mid fico and up
Rates from 7-8.1%
Up to 65% for cash out, 70% rate/term, 75% purchases (depending on credit tier)
Loan amounts from 50k
Minimum 75k value per property
Blanket Loans OK
6 month pre pay
Vacant or rented acceptable

Loan Program 2:Rehab + Construction loans
1-4 unit residential only
Rates from 9.99-12%
600 mid fico and up
10-15% in the deal from the borrower + closing costs
7 day closings

Thank you for your responses and private messages on this site. I have decided to go with someone who I know is an expert. I am working with the owner of this website to complete my financing on a 4 unit property. My loan request has already been submitted to his lender and the phone interview with their Business Manager is completed. Purchase price $560,000. Term sheet is allowing me 10% down. No need for further replies unless the property does not appraise. All is good!

Appraisal has been completed. Loan is almost finished. My interest rate is not amazing but 9.99% is better than most hard money rates I have seen. I am happy to buy my first multi-family property. The expected date to sign loan papers is this coming Friday. Thanks again for your responses to my post.


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