Direct Lender - Commercial and Residential Income Properties

I lend direct with my own funds. Commercial income properties and single family properties as well. Only investments, nothing owner occupied.

Oregon and Idaho only:

Up to $100,000 for purchase or refinance

550 minimum

55% max


12 month loan, 4 points, direct borrower ONLY

I am on this site several times a week so just message my inbox here on this . I do not charge a single upfront fee.

Thank you,

Patrick Harding

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You may have gotten a partial note, not sure. My email left without me finishing, anyway, I work off market real estate for the major hedge funds, REIT's and international buyers, I get those properties before anyone. I got a REO tape with 1614 properties two weeks ago, I started due diligence and negotiating for myself to buy. I found their were around 300 in Gary, Muncie and similar areas in Indiana, these are not tough you just cannot sell them, so I had them removed and it left 1314 properties in about 4 states, mainly, Florida, and some homes in South Carolina, Kentucky and just about 3 in Alabama where I live. Total about 80-85% are fairly good to very good residential lots or acreage tracts, 10 commercial and the remaining 100 or so in SFR - vacant, some very nice. I took the time to go through the entire list of information on each property, address, location, tax assessment, asking price and BPO values. I offered a good tax lien company $5M on clear properties, they accepted the LOI, The properties tax assessments are over $16M, 90-120 day as is marketing time BPO values are over $15M, and there is about $1M in rehab. The ARV value would be closer to $20M. A

re you interested in a loan and a partial equity stake since I do not have the funds to put into this deal. I will take care of it and I have 45 days due diligence to walk at anypoint for any reason, But, I think there is $20M to be made if we can finance these deals retail since they are lots we do not have to deal with anyone tearing them up or taking 12 months to evvict and we get down what we paid for it. Then finance on hard terms. I am just counting the equity profit not the financing profit. I had a loan worked out for $20M with a brokjer and either him or his partner or acquaintance used counterfeit cashiers checks to fund money sent to me to pay a collateral loan policy for another private lender to be covered, and my bank thank goodness caught it after three days of being in my account. Bad things is the bank is probably closing my accounts because of the fraudulent activity I had nothing to do with. I have banked their and done most of their mortgage appraisals for over 20 years, wow they appreciate the business,. Send me a direct email if interested and I will send a good BIO, cover letter and Executive Summary. Thanks Randy Hinkle

Hi Patrick

My name is Jim Ali. I read your post on the Real Estate Finance website. Do you work with Canadian companies? I have provided you with a brief bio description of our company and its business model below. After reading I would be very happy to find a time to talk with you, answer your questions and provide you with more detail on our program. Thank you in advance for your time.



I represent a real estate investment and management group whose principal focus is on the Residential Lease Purchase (RLP) niche, frequently referred to as Rent-to-Own. We are located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, a solid real estate market. Do you work with Canadian Corporations? I have provided a brief synopsis of who we are and what we do, along with my contact info and our corporate website in the signature line below. 

Our vision:

Within three years, we will be the leading and best real estate investment group concentrating on this market niche in Ontario. We believe reputation and results are critical to achieving our vision; our values can be summarized as:

Ø  Honesty

Ø  Integrity

Ø  Transparency

In all our dealings and activities.

Business Model:

Our business model is founded on five pillars:

  • Buyer - the client who will occupy and purchase the property at end of lease term (generally 2 -5yrs.)
  • Investor - our joint venture participant(s) whose funds and/or name will make the property acquisition possible.
  • Team - the professionals (realtors, lawyers, mortgage brokers, property inspectors) upon whom we rely to find and close an acquisition.
  • Strategy - the repetitive proprietary processes that will create a win for all participants.
  • Returns - providing above average returns to our investors in the range of 8 – 16% annually depending on the investment choice you decide upon. 

Our objective:

We will make certain that for each purchase/lease/sale transaction there is a balance between ensuring the client/buyer will fully meet his/her commitments, and maximizing financial returns for our stakeholders and ourselves.  To reach our goals, and those of our associates, we do our utmost to buy right and manage the client relationship throughout to make certain the property sells at the end of term. 

I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you at your convenience and discuss our program in greater detail. Details of our investment strategy, our target market, and our exit strategies can be found at You can reach me at 289-442-3560 or via email

I look forward to hearing from you. 



James Ali

Vice President of Business Development, Investor and Client Relations

Grand River REI Inc.



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