I saw many individual or group claimed funding million to billion. So I wonder if anyone got fund from any of this individual or group. If you did please let us know which one. Thanks in advance.

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The LoopNet link shows a New York phone number...why would anyone fly around the world chasing rainbows...The scam artists exist only because people like this keep feeding them; then I have to deal with them trying to run a con on me...THINK before you act; all you do is cause bigger problems for people who are legit and have a brain...

Don't you hate when that happens? Should have went to the movies instead, some good stuff out now! 

I am very sorry to hear your story of the "Phantoms" it happens all to often. Never, ever pay any fee's for financing up front. You pay for performance. I have worked with this company for quite some time now and we truly fund loans, over 100MM in funding in the last 2 years. We executive staff, consist of Attorney's, CPA's, MBA's and

bank Underwriter's. Take a look at the link , I have provided and review our background and programs, we can assist you with funding.http://http://www.EZLOANFUNDING.COM/5781

Okay I don't understand why people are traveling around the country let alone the globe seeking funding for projects. This is the electronic age where transactions are completed at the press of a button once the project has been properly vetted. Creditable private investors already have a due diligence process in place to physically evaluate the property. They may have you pay for that due diligence after the LOI is issued.

If you're traveling around the country or the globe for funding something is seriously wrong with you.

I totally agree.  Now my company does 99% of the qualification process online and using the phone.

It amazes me that someone would send money to someone to get a loan.  We do charge fees but not
upfront.  All fees are taken out of the loan proceeds.

If you just want to see if you qualify submit the 1 page application (NO PERSONAL INFO) at
GetFundingFast.com for a No Personal Guarantee Loan

Or if you have a start-up or want to buy a franchise got to Excel Business Funding

You never have to worry about getting ripped off.  Because we Charge NO UP FRONT FEES.

Joey Starkey
Ezier Group
"We Fund Ezier"

Joey; if you jerk me around, I'm coming for you HARD...LOL

No worries Teela,

It is either Yes or No......but never we are gonna need a couple of thousand $$ to get your loan funded.


Then it's a NO; I don't pay people to make them money, and I don't see a solid connection to RE funding anyway...I deal with people who KNOW Real Estate, so I don't even know why you're here; but I'm going to find out..I don't like people who get in my way of doing business...

Teela......really?  Do you think we care?

I didn't come looking for you, smart ass, you came looking for me; so yah I think you care...but clearly I don't...YOU ARE FAKE AS THE DAY IS LONG, keep proving it; because now I'll be doing something about it...you want to start something with me; you think you got it like that; you can't take NO for an answer; I'll educate you on the definition of NO...keep harassing me and find out what the hell I'll do...


So Teela I own about another 100 domains as well.  You have an issue with that?

Lets Roll Tide 

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