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The team from my Private Wealth group are putting the finishing touches on a very well executed plan for our client to get the debt and equity he needed for a portfolio of Multifamily deals. Plus, we preserved his investment portfolio in an arbitrage account.

What we did was put his funds into a conservative, absolute return, investment portfolio into an arbitrage account that was collateralized by one of our private investors. This loan was used to do two things. 1) We were able to put 10% down on a commercial mortgage, where the lender provided a bridge loan, plus setup the client with a 10% private equity investor on the real estate. 2) We were able to purchase a proven, Bank Guarantee, system that will generate more equity for our client to purchase all of the Multifamily deals at a large discount.

The benefits of this deal. He did not use a dime of his own money to get this financing, because the down payment and the entry fee for bank guarantee came from a loan against his investment portfolio, which will provide him a 2% yield. Now, he is cash flowing from the investment portfolio and from the multifamily properties. His IRR, cash on cash returns, and ROI is more than significant.

If we can do the same kind of transaction for you. Please contact me at Tell me a little bit about your transaction, and my business partner and I can put together a strategy for your project where we can get you financed, while preserving your money.

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