Construction and Long Term Mortgages - Low Rates Nationwide

Construction and long term mortgages at low rates nationwide 1,000,000 and above

New financing platform  competitive market lending rates even for special purpose properties such as golf courses and gas station convenience stores and hotels and student housing  Construction and long term mortgages at low rates 

Commercial mortgages direct for income properties and business properties    construction loans and land development loans for all types of residential and commercial projects. 1,000,000 and above.   

Commercial mortgages for income producing properties and business owner occupied properties   Nationwide USA   this NEW program will finance deals that have credit and property issues. Business owner occupied properties can qualify under this new program.  

construction loans for residential and commercial developments and financing for land developments throughout the USA

Financing for hotels, apartments, retail, office industrial and mixed use properties and special purpose properties      . 

Loans for business and real estate projects for expansion purposes. 

Please email loan request summary to and our telephone numbers are 541-632-3560 and 619-302-8061 

Our websites are  and

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