Buyers Criteria


  • Commercial Non-Performing Notes that have an upside.

  • Looking for 8% + Return on their investment.

  • Multi-Family Buildings, Commercial Condo’s, warehouses with Residential possibilities.

  • First transaction can be bundle of $20M and future transactions up to $50M

  • Concentrate on Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens.




  • Non-Performing and Performing Notes that have an upside

  • Multifamily buildings to Commercial buildings.

  • Would purchase from a Bank or a Private Lender/Party.

  • First transaction can be bundle of $50M and future transactions up to $500M

  • Nationwide including Puerto Rico 

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Send me your e-mail address to

Are you the buyer?

I offer wide range of financial services to interested customer seeking loan to finance their expenses. My service is due at a very low & minimum rate of 5% to suit your needs. If you need a quick loan get back to me ASAP.

I am working with a group that has Notes Available in New York,please reply with your criteria.

Charles Jones


Would you send me your contact information, please?

Send me your e-mail address, maybe I have what you are looking for.

Reggie Truss

Econohomes LLC


My name is William Matos from Florida, USA. I am the owner/CEO of Investco International, INC. We offer loans to client to support them in their completion of projects worldwide. 

My head quarter is located at Puerto Rico. I lend at a rate of 5% with no prepayment penalty and charge just the loan application fee which is very cheap. 

We offer a minimum of $50,000.00 and a maximum of $1,000.000.00 for individuals and $10,000,000.00 for companies.

Please see attached documents for more info and have the loan application filled and submitted immediately to proceed.



William Matos.


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