Commercial Lenders: Profit from Cryptocurrency with No Downside Risk

Want to profit from the cryptocurrency boom with no downside risk?  

If you have at least $10M to lend and can lend for at least 3-5 years, we have a program for you.  Key benefits:

1 - principal is guaranteed and additionally secured by real estate

2 - loan payments are made by cash flowing real estate

3 - you lock in a price on cryptocurrency when you make the loan

4 - at loan repayment you can decide whether to be repaid completely in cash or partially in cryptocurrency (you get to decide after it's appreciated or declined whether you want it)

Under this program you get to see how the cryptocurrency did before acquiring it.  In the meantime, your principal is safe (doubly secured by cryptocurrency and real estate) and you are paid interest through the life of the loan.

For more details, please contact:

Steve Streetman

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Hello Steve,  If you are still interested in funding this is what i can make happen for you? 

Below is my contact to reach me so we can discuss how best to move forward with the processing of the paper works.

Mr Undreese Gulley 



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