Need financing for a $425k non-owner occupied commercial building in Southern CA. Would like to use as little of our own money as possible. I own a $300k condo free and clear that is leased out in Florida.  Was thinking of getting a cash out loan on this and use the money for as much of the down payment as possible.  The rest we would need other financing.

Therefore we need the following:

1) Cash out loan

2) Remainder financing

My wife and I have great credit scores (785-800). Dont want to use our primary home as collateral.  Looking for lowest interest rate and fees possible.  

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We at Provident Management have loans available for both residential and commercial properties in California and Florida.  We can go as high as 70% ARV on a 3 year loan, with as low as 9.5% interest.  From what you are saying we should be able to finance both properties for you.  Get in touch with me at or at 800-442-4203.


Michael Henry

Provident Management LLC

Hello Rainier,

Funding is possible at 100%. Contact me back for details.


We are direct to a private mortgage funder in US that provides commercial mortgage funding for commercial real estate properties.You must be direct principal borrower . Our interest rates are as low as 7.99 % . Please contact me at :  or call  917-690-9801 and talk to Will (Principal) .  


We lend up to a certain level against different categories of property. Loan applications are considered on a case by case basis within  Trust Lending criteria.
You can contact us for funding today Email#

We have a new Private Money loan, 100% financing Stated  Income, Stated Assets, No  Credit verification, We can do loans in any state, any country, Non Owner or owner occupied Commercial, Residential, Construction. No Points, very competitive pricing and closing cost.

Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc. has an active real estate finance division. Contact me to discuss your Projects.

Jeffrey B. Freis, President
Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc.
Tel: 914 967-9235
Fax:914 798-6670

I am a Registered and Licensed Money Lender/investor
who gives out loans of various kinds such as Payday,
Personal, Mortgage, Business, Auto Loans to Serious
and Interested People at a very low Cost affordable
rate. Contact me today via email at to get started



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