We have 2 Free and Clear portfolios of properties in Columbus Ohio.  One is a buy, rent and hold model with 10 properties and a value of $400,000. The other is a buy, fix and sell model, currently with 5 properties and a value of $300,000.  We are looking for private funding against these to leverage and expand.  Please contact me at 951-200-3300 or cfinnie@resolvecapitalgroup.com

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Hi Corey,

We have  Hard Money and Private Money Loans, let me know if we can help.

Go to our website and fill out the contact information: http://www.wblgroup.net


Commercial Real Estate Acquisition, Refinance and Bridge Loans

We at the Michael Lewis Group would be happy for the opportunity to fund your project.  Take a look at our website to see if there is a product you like.  If so, please contact me at reggie@michaellewisgroup.com.  Hope to hear from you.

Reggie Truss

The Michael Lewis Group

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Send me a executive summary of your project with a good exit strategy

to samcthomas45@gmail.com.  We are driven by real estate value.



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