Client Needs Loan Against Stockpile of Coal in Illinois

We have a client that owns a stockpile of coal in Illinois.

The assets are worth about $1 Billion according to the valuation by an independent reputable appraiser

We need about $50 to $100 million so we can a project that will be able to extract the impurities from the coal so it can be sold and used for “clean energy”.

 This is fully documented.

 Is there a Lender here that can lend against the assets.

 Please let me know.

Steven Richman

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Steven please check your email.  Ron Coleman NEPCO, INC

Steven Richman,

Please email myself an Executive Summary on your loan project
Your seeking funding for along with your contact information directly to


Marvin Benjamin

Generation of Funds for Personal/Business,Purchase/Refinance Homes,from genuine source with less interest rate,


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