Cash Out Refinance on Owner Occ Muti Use Building at 75-80-%

I am seeking a direct lender that can assist me in funding a land contract and cash out to clear state taxes. Most local banks and commercial lenders limit to 65% LTV. In this case, I need to go a bit higher to make the loan work. Pic of building attached here.

If you are a direct lender and can fund this transaction ($250,000), please contact me. Thanks.

Dana Korosi

Riverstone Capital Consultants

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Possibly he can offer to secure this deal for you, not sure i can work this out.


James Karcz | Private Lender
Private Funding Services LLC
2700 N. Central Ave., #900
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(480) 524-1763

You lend in Las Vegas NV??? If so, I have a 100 unit property I'm submitting my LOI.




As a broker, I can arrange loans in Nevada. I've completed several properties in the 75+ unit range. I would be pleased to hear from and work with you. My email: Look forward to hearing from you.

Dana Korosi

Riverstone Capital Consultants


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