I have 2 rentals in Atlanta GA, and would like to cash out and refinance. Term and LTV not too important, more important is a low rate - say between 4-6%, and ideally interest only payments. Would like to use the cashed out funds for my next property purchase. Also happy to discus funding for purchase of my next rental  property instead.

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Hey Vincent,

Shoot me a email. We provide several RE financing programs(Stated Income, Hard Money & Bridge Loans) for acquisitions, refinancing or cash outs. Our programs are streamlined and we can get borrowers funded quickly. If you still need funding, please send us more information about your properties and situation. We are a US based company and can definitely get you the funds you need. I look forward to your email!


Nick Hubbard

E: nick@elitefactoring.com

T: 314-605-5199


Have several funding options to present you. Give me a call to discuss.


Phillip Walker

Stone Creek Financial Services




If you have not been funded yet. Please reach out to me at sabbathenterprise@gmail.com  We fund in all 50 states. Not traditional bank funding.

send me an email demetrius@tavaughncapitaladvisors.com or call 919-678-7022

We are drawing your attention to LEGACY FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS LLC.
A private lender and a commercial investor based in Atlanta , Georgia ..
I am looking to connect with clients and serious minded investors who are in need of loan and funding for their deals, we offer all kind of loans
such AS secured and unsecured, fix n flip,Value or ARV of the Property, business loans, real estate loan, rehab etc at an affordable interest rate of 4.5%per annul with no prepayment penalty.
We also lend to some other countries,
Please get back to us so that we can proceed, with sending you our terms and conditions form.


(678) 783 4417

Email : Legacyfinances@legacyfinancialinvestmentllc.com
Website :www.Legacyfinancialinvestsllc.com

Vincent, we are based in Atlanta - happy to discuss/evaluate your loan scenario:



Hi Vincent,

Many replies. If you are still seeking, let me know.

I work with different lenders and can have options for you.


Amazing I see that no one even bothered to ask How Much Money? How Many Units Per Property? Credit? etc.

Hello, I have a source that can help fund your new acquisition as well as refinance your existing commercial properties. Current rates as low as in the 3% range non recourse for select markets and properties and we can typically fund your project in 30-45 days.

Acquisition, Refinancing Loan Program Features

  • Region: North America, South and Central America
  • Fixed and Floating-rates: 1 to 10-year terms
  • Amortization: up to 30 years
  • Rates: LIBOR and Prime from low 3% options
  • Loan Amounts: $2,000,000 +
  • Loan-to-Value: up to 90%
  • Recourse and Non-Recourse available

For further information, please contact me at: klitaba@gmail.com.


Hi, I would be very interested in this. I don't think I mentioned that I was a foreign national and don't have a FICO score of SS# (have an ITIN instead). Does that change anything?

Hi Vincent, I specialize in working with Foreign Nationals to help them secure investment financing here in the U.S.  You can email us directly at:  Info@SimsCapital.biz


We are Atlanta based as well.


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