Types of projects we fund  are deals with buildings in some way or another from development, renovations,acquisitions and expansions.
Loan Amount: $1 million - $50 million+
Term: 6 months to 15 yrs
To purchase, refinance, reposition, develop or redevelop real estate properties
To provide funding for the gap between conventional bank financing and owner’s equity
Loan Type:
Bridge/Acquisition loan
Land loan
Construction loan
Land servicing loan
Inventory loan
Revolvers & term loans
Asset class:
Multi-residential (apartment rentals, condominiums)
Single-family residential (including custom homes)
Student Housing
Seniors Housing
1st Mortgage (including partial interests for high quality assets/sponsorship);
2nd Mortgage (Mezzanine); or
Joint Venture Partnerships (on a selective basis)
Loan-to-Cost: Up to 90% (depending on asset class and purpose)
Up to 85% (depending on asset class and purpose)
Interest Rate:4% – 8%+ (depending on whether 1st or 2nd Mortgage financing)
Amortization: Interest only
Property Locations: Primary urban markets across Canad,Caribbean & US

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Are you Direct or a Broker?

He is a broker. 100% broker. There is nothing wrong with that other than the fact that he tries to make it sound like he lends sometimes so you will have more trust in him. If he is a lender then he can send you copies of closing statements showing his company as lender. That won't happen. Best of luck with this.

Both.Depending on project type and amount.


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