California Broker Banker Realtors I have15 million to place in Non Prime loans. Owner occupied & Non owners welcomed. Would a private non prime loan help you close more deals?

Each loan request is reviewed and priced individually on its merits pursuant to loan to value, location, and borrower qualification.

Property Types:
• Owner Occupied 1-4 Residential Units
• Non-Owner Occupied 1-4 Residential Units
• Multifamily to 10 Units
Maximum Loan:
• First Mortgage, $ 500,000
• Second Mortgage, $ 300,000
Minimum Loan:
• First Mortgage, $ 50,000
• Second Mortgage, $ 15,000

For immediate review email 714-655-6106

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Good Afternoon,

I am looking for financing for the below scenario. Would you have an interest in the following? Please let me know if you can be of assistance.

1. Property located in OKC, OK.
2. Two multis totaling 30 units.
3. Appraised value of $1,000,000
4. Sales price of $900,000
5. Down payment of $100,000
6. Loan amount $800,000
7. Good value play. DSCR of 1.42 with above figures.
8. Personal FICO of 680
9. Requesting short term 1-2 years, 30 year amortization
10. Will refi prior to term expiration

Thank you,

Ed Franklin
Northwest Capital Services, LLC
'Business & Commercial Loan Specialists'
P (509) 994-3230, M-F, 8-5, PT
F (509) 695-1160

FICO is too low, and must be offset by additional skin in the deal, by 10%+

you dont show NOI or the rate you calculated the DSCR on..

and you didnt state what the vacancy factor is..

if you have a package and can come up with the additional skin in..please email me at

I may be able to assist you.

Let me know if you work with priv lenders.

 This is what I can do:

* 10 % to 12% Interest    

* Starting at 2.0 points to us if you have Mortgage Broker License; you add your points to that; NOT TO EXCEED 6% TOTAL. 
* 50% to 65% loan to value; no upfront fee;
* 1-2 Year Term; Interest Only;
* Doc. Prep Fee, $500.00: Wire Fee: $40.00
* Borrower pays all closing costs. 
* Will go out of State for $1,000,000.00 minimum. (West Coast).
* No Vacant land, No Consumer Loans.
* Out of South CA- $500,000.00 minimum. (I.e., the rest of the State).




Amir Halavi

Private Money Lender, 
11040 Santa Monica Blvd., #400

Los Angeles CA 90025
T- 310-477-0110  ext 110


I like it

This is what I am offering in California wholesale to brokers and few other lenders I fund deals.

 LTV on purchase as high as 75%    ref cash out 60/65

No up front fee.

Stated income/ no doc

Term 6 months to 5 years.

I can lender all over California

No fico, Foreign nationals, low score 400

Loan amounts from 50k to 15 million

Rates 7.99 to 11.99

Xavier Saavedra 714-655-6106

nmls#33608 DRE#01304438




Let me know if you want me to fund one of your loans.

Amir, I am a lender.


What are your min and max loan amounts please?

I can lend up to 5mil per property, just in case you would need a participant.

will you fund raw Land in california  RE FI cash Back loan amt. $1.75M

contact me only at

Chuck, I will send you an email.


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