Unconventional Non-Prime Lender. I offer fixed rate mortgages and ARMs, for purchases and refinances, first or second liens, with competitive rates and terms.

Minimum Loan:

First Mortgage, $ 50,000
Second Mortgage, $ 15,000
Maximum Loan:

First Mortgage, $ 500,000
Second Mortgage, $ 300,000
NOTE: Each loan request is reviewed and priced individually on its merits pursuant to loan to value, location, and borrower qualification.

First Mortgages:

Minimum Base Rate:

8.95% for Residential 1-4 Units
10.95% for Multifamily 5+ Units
Minimum Points/Fees: 2% plus $500

Property Types:

Owner Occupied 1-4 Residential Units
Non-Owner Occupied 1-4 Residential Units
Multifamily to 10 Units
Loan to Value:

70% LTV / Owner Occupied SFR
65% LTV / 1-4 Residential Non-Owner Occupied
60% LTV / Multifamily

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What geographic region do you cover?

California only

Please give me a call. I have a transaction that I would like to run by you. 909-394-3040

I just called you, and was transfured to Christ VM...Please feel free to contact me at 714 655 6106 or xaviersaa@aol.com


Good product you have there! I will certainly refer CA business to you.

Israel Castillo



Thank you, I would appreciate your referials.
Xavier Saavedra 714-655-6106 xaviersaa@aol.com

nmls#33608 DRE#01304438


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