Buying an 8 unit apartment building. How much down do I need? Can you help me with financing?

I would like to purchase a small 8 unit apartment building. Cost will be $1.09 Million. I have good credit and 2 rental properties right now. I would prefer to avoid hard money if possible because I plan on keeping this one long term.

Can you help me?


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I provide for unsecured funding from $10,000 to $400,000. No upfront fees. Absolutely no upfront fees. Use the funds however you like. All you need to do is qualify. Contact me at Send me your phone number and I will call with a short list of questions to get you qualified. once qualified then 7 days to get funded.  You have a business partner; your partner can apply as well.

Wayne Hollis


Thank you to everyone that responded to my finance request. I was approved with 25% down at a rate of 6.375%. 2.5 pts total, 1 to the lender and the 1.5 to the broker. The broker I am using is Lisa Verholtz who was one of the first to respond to this post. She has been professional, responsive, and my loan request was approved this morning. Here is a link to her profile:;


I agree, Lisa Verholtz does a great job. Her and I did a rehab loan together last winter. The guy that owns this website is now brokering loans again so I will use him on my next one but you can't go wrong with Lisa. She is a true professional.



Do you have an executive summary/ business plan for this?  We could possibly do 100% financing on this project.

Contact me:

We can help to finance your project.

We can financing your need to send a summary and business plan.
I wish to introduce to you a financial investment company FRS Financial Services GmbH. They are diversifying their investment portfolio through debt financing and private lending, FRS finance viable projects and businesses. Their investment funding can provide direct loans of more than US$800 Million with flexible repayments plans tailored to resuscitate your business or help your project. Also with a reasonable interest rate of  3% APR.
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I will await your response, you may contact them directly with reference to my correspondence on this email:
We also work with brokers, and pay as much as 2% of the loan sum as a brokerage fee.
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Please give me a call 541-515-066 or email the loan scenario to We can help with this request.

Hi Richard this is Monty. Just saw your comment here. Lisa Verholtz is another member of this website and I know that she is just waiting for a "clear to close" on Tina Hasting's transaction so it will likely get signed by the end of the week. Just wanted to let you and all others that responded to this post know that the transaction is basically done.

Have a great night Richard.


Sorry I worded that wrong... that loan was signed today and they are expecting a clear to close any time now. Sorry I was typing in a hurry :)


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